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Fairfield Tomato Festival Eats

Hi All
As the main grower of the tomatoes at the festival - please come out
Tenbrink Farms has planted over 300 varieties and hope to harvest at least 200 of those
varieties for you to sample and see = It costs $2bucks (or $1buck and some canned goods)
to get into the tent - the only paid entry for the whole festival - keep in mind the Carmel tomato fest and the KJ tomato fest costs $100's of dollars to see such a sight.
As far as the BBQ goes - I guess that is part of the championship guidelines- not the tomato festival rules that they don't give out samples -
not to worry there will be plenty of people having BBQ and also many tomato type dishes
to celebrate the festival - I did a "tomato split sundae" myself last year that was a big hit
the recipe for it was co-created with the then sous chef at FL and now executive chef of RN74 - Jason Berthold - but alas - this year - I didn't book a booth in time -
50,000 to 75,000 people show up for the weekend
FYI the Solano County Health dept are super tough on everyone
You can't believe what we have to do to meet their compliances
Call me
(707) 480-7334