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Herbed Peas and Carrots

Was at a 50s type diner this week, and saw a menu item for a homemade "TV dinner" which included carrots and peas, Though I didn't get it, (had fabulous short ribs instead) the idea for carrots and peas was planted. Went to a friend's house for dinner yesterday and brought this. 5 people...almost all gone. Try this,,,it's great.

Aug 10, 2011
himtnc1 in Recipes

Sharpening of knives

Just got mine sharpened at Northwestern Cutlery last week. My husband always keeps an edge on them; but they were definitely in need of a professional sharpening. It was about $3.50 per knive, and with mine, my son's and my friends our total was about $80. However, it was WELL worth it. I hate dull knives!! While we were there 2 people came in - I assume they were chefs - with their knives in a rolled holder. I figure if it was good for them in their profession, it works for me. Next time I'm going to see if they do scissors too.

May 23, 2008
himtnc1 in Chicago Area

What to do with 4 pounds of sliced munster and swiss cheese?

Just happened to have some cheese ends - bought at the deli for $1.20 per pound - great assortment. I mixed up 1/2 pound cheese ends with wine, parsley, 1 garlic clove plus pecans and cranberries. Served with a salad and crackers for dinner tonight - YUM!! Follow Alton Brown's suggestions. Definitely will make again. Thanks

Apr 28, 2008
himtnc1 in Home Cooking

What to do with produce bags

I also use the tissue boxes to store the bags, and use the bags to line our small trash containers in the bathroom, bedroom, etc.

Also, I've used empty toliet paper rolls and stuffed some bags in there, and put one in each car (under the seat or in the pocket in the door. This way, we always have a bag for trash.

Apr 17, 2008
himtnc1 in Not About Food