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Lukshon vs Akasha - Culver City

I have been to both.. Lukshon has much better food.. I just love this place.. it is more expensive than Akasha, but worth every penny.

May 09, 2012
jfdoug in Los Angeles Area

Catalilna restruants: Looking for really good food any suggestions?

My wife is taking me to Catalina for my birthday weekend.. We both are major foodies.. Any suggestions.. Price is not an object... we are just looking for great food.. PLEASE HELP !!

Sep 08, 2011
jfdoug in Los Angeles Area

Good Food in Palm Springs/Coachella valley

I am a major foodie, we just bought a 2nd home in Rancho Mirage (next to Palm Springs).. Any suggestions on great restaurants in the area.. We will be in Coachella valley this Sat nite for a concert.. PLEASE HELP.. price does not matter.. just good food

Feb 17, 2011
jfdoug in California

Providence full tasting vs Melisse 10 course anniversary

Tough choice.. I would give the edge to Providence.. What a great menu.. Michael C the chef is flawless..

Feb 02, 2011
jfdoug in Los Angeles Area

Help: Melisse or Hatfields?

I would do the Melisse Carte Blanche menu.. I have been to both Hatfields and Melisse several times.. Hatfields, though good, is not in the same class as Melisse...

Feb 02, 2011
jfdoug in Los Angeles Area

Gourmet Eats - Not far from LAX

Cafe Del Rey is the best choice..

Cafe Del Rey
4451 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Nov 01, 2010
jfdoug in Los Angeles Area

Anniversary dinner . . . Providence or Mozza

Mozza is good.. but I agree with the comment below ,it is not is the same class as Providence. Providence is one of the top resturants in LA and my clear favorite. great food.

Sep 29, 2010
jfdoug in Los Angeles Area

Where can I find SESAME BALLS in WLA?!

Go to VIP Seafood on wilshire and Barrington. they serve dim sum everyday and have good sesame balls

Aug 27, 2010
jfdoug in Los Angeles Area

Crunchy chicken wings?

the way to get very crunchy chicken wings is to wash, then coat with flour... put in the refrigerater over night. the flour on the wings will turn into a paste.. then fry at 350 for 15 minutes. I have also dried the wings in the frige overnight.. I think the best way is the flour coating.

Nov 08, 2009
jfdoug in Home Cooking

Best Pizza in Los Angeles (& surrounding)????!!

the best pizza in town by far in Pizza Mozza on Melrose and Highland.. worth the wait.

Aug 13, 2009
jfdoug in Los Angeles Area