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Great wineries that will ship directly to MA/Boston?

Thank you! I used to do something similar with Buffalo Shipping in Napa, but they changed their shipping policy and no longer ship to MA when I last checked in April 2012. I haven't checked with Buffalo recently, but maybe All Ways Cool can help.

Great wineries that will ship directly to MA/Boston?

Thank you! I'll check them out and maybe give them a try (if they are able to accommodate new members).

Great wineries that will ship directly to MA/Boston?

Thank you, I will have to check this out. Many of Clos de Val's wines are available at local stores, but they have some great limited production wines that would make their club appealing to me. I love the Stag's Leap District in general. Thanks again!

Great wineries that will ship directly to MA/Boston?

Thank you. Can you say who these wineries are please? I have yet to find these places despite hours and hours of online searching, which prompted this post asking for specifics.

Great wineries that will ship directly to MA/Boston?

oh, I meant to ask, what online retailers have you used that ship to MA?

Great wineries that will ship directly to MA/Boston?

As you mention, a few online resources will ship to MA. I think they have relationships with local distributors that allow some wine to be shipped here. Like Lot18.com via Corporate Wines in Woburn. Wine.com also ships direct to MA via a similar relationship (I think). but like you said, these retailers often carry a limited assortment of wines. The best non-winery online wine store that I have found that will ship to MA is bpwine.com, which buys wine from a variety of sources, including direct from wineries and also by acquiring the cellars of "collectors", which I think means dead or financially-distressed people (All the more reason to drink your wine promptly). bpwine has some aged gems, and ships a case for $9. So they are great in my opinion, but that is not the same as direct wine shipping. So my quest continues. After reading that Bledsoe post, I wonder if I am accidentally outing wineries and retailers that shouldn't be shipping here in the first place....

Great wineries that will ship directly to MA/Boston?

Wine shipping laws are complicated. I don't even want to understand them. Having wine shipped from a winery directly to me here in MA is possible, but relies upon identifying wineries that have jumped through whatever weird legal hoops that may be required. And it takes time to write to each and every winery to ask this question, so I thought I would ask you. So Chowhounders, do you know of any good wineries that ship directly to MA that I could consider to add to the mix? For wineries that I love with limited MA availability, I often ship to NH FedEx locations, but it takes time to make the trip to pick up these shipments and it is often inconvenient to go up there in a timely manner before the shipment is returned to sender. And while I have used my favorite local wine store to get specific wines I like, I would prefer the ease of direct purchases. So far, the only winery that I have identified that is able to ship here that doesn't have broad availability and is worth drinking is Sleight of Hand Cellars in Walla Walla WA. Do you know of any others? Thank you!

Mexican Coke

Capone's on Mass Ave in Somerville also carries it. Or maybe that's Cambridge...

Craigie on Main 86'd the bar menu and the burger?

Yes, those people that are saying "just get some quality grass-fed meat from where-ever" are totally missing the point of what Tony Maws is doing. Like Jamie Bissonnette, whose quote in this piece kind of makes me want to knock some sense into him, but alas, Jamie is a lot bigger than I, and I'm not much of a fighter:


Drinks Near O Ya?

Drink in Fort Point is close, has great drinks/atmosphere in my opinion, but not a great beer list (although the bottled beers that they do have are great). Jacob Wirth has a decent/strong selection of Germain beers, but is not the most upscale of places. Stoddards has a great beer selection, but I've been unimpressed by the service and it can get quite loud in there. But alas, those are the only three places that I can think of in the area at the moment that could fit your criteria.

Oh, an edit: I personally love all three. I didn't mean to sound negative there.

Jacob Wirth Restaurant
31 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116

Craigie on Main 86'd the bar menu and the burger?

Thank Zeus! And thank you for this important and clarifying post.

Going to Radio City Christmas Spectacular! Romantic Dinner Suggestions?

I think Troquet, Pigalle, Erbaluce, Via Matta, and Market by JG are all pretty "special" and in the immediate area. Many more great places within walking distance but not as close, such as o ya and No. 9 Park.

75 Charles Street South, Boston, MA 02116

140 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116

Via Matta
79 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116

69 Church Street, Boston, MA 02116

Dinner and Brunch with group including infant in December

Very close to your hotels are Via Matta (Italian) and Bistro du Midi (French/good seafood), both would be easy destinations for dinner and places that I definitely enjoy. Sel De La Terre is good, but I would put it one rung below my previous two recs. Also a short walk away is Hammersly's Bistro, which is a popular/delicious spot, but in the wrong direction from your hotels on game day. One brunch option that is on the way to the Garden from your hotels that would take a reservation (I think) is Beacon Hill Bistro.

Beacon Hill Bistro
25 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114

Via Matta
79 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116

Sel De La Terre
776 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02199

Bistro du Midi
272 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116

Nice lunch on Tuesday near Porter Square or Davis Square?

Gran Gusto or the Elephant Walk are the only two that come to mind at the moment (I'm not sure about the linen situation at either). The Harvard Square area would increase the number of weekday lunch spots that have linens.

Elephant Walk
2067 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140

Gran Gusto
90 Sherman St, Cambridge, MA 02140

November Openings and Closings

Bondir has Nov. 26 posted as its opening date on its webpage. I'm looking forward to trying it.

Food Network show looking for your favorite outrageous food

Yeah, in the food world, I reserve the word "outrageous" only for describing the bill or the degree to which wines are marked-up.

Food Network show looking for your favorite outrageous food

Maybe we could get some crappy restaurant that's struggling to turn a profit to simply start preparing a 10 lb. burger made with an entire bottle of Dave's Hot Sauce and 24 slices of cheese. They could serve it with a gallon of frozen yogurt on the side or something, and if you eat it all, you get a t-shirt! (sorry, only size XXL and XXXL are available.) Then, the real Hell Night won't be affected, some struggling crappy restaurant can keep employing people by its new-found food-network-prompted awareness, and the food network can continue showcasing "outrageous" food. It's really a win-win.

Almost Turkey Time

I think Savenor's posted on Facebook that you have a few more days to order turkeys from them, which are from Bob's Turkey Farm in Lancaster, MA. I was in the Whole Foods at Charles River Plaze today and they had Misty Knoll Turkeys for either $3.50 or $4 per pound. I didn't check to see if they were previously frozen or not, but I was impressed that they carried Misty Knoll. I've not had MK turkeys, but I love their chickens.

1st time in Boston, help with dining itineray

I'm assuming they will go to the Flour in the South End, no? That's the easy one to walk to from the Back Bay and feeds right into their lunch plans, while the Seaport location is where you go the morning after you pass out on the sidewalk the night before after too many drinks at Drink. And yeah, personally, I too would sub Eastern Standard for the W Lounge.

1st time in Boston, help with dining itineray

I shouldn't say there are better options, just different options. But if you really like ginger and margaritas, the decision is simple. And if you don't like it there after a drink or two, then I would just bar hop back to your hotel---it's a great way to spend those late hours.

Cheap/comfort food near Suffolk?

I love the burger, the pulled-pork sandwich, and the chicken focaccia sandwich at the Hill Tavern on Cambridge St. It's cheap ($8-10 for the items listed above). Can't beat the Silvertone for comfort food as well. The Paramount on Charles St. is also affordable and decent along these lines.

1st time in Boston, help with dining itineray

Matt's great recs aside, I do like that Barbara Lynch-based day 1 plan. If only she served breakfast somewhere....

To clarify your day 2 late night plans: Market stops seating around 10 or 11 (depending on the day), so you will probably be in the adjacent W lounge (and have to enter through the hotel entrance and not the "Market" entrance which gets locked at some point). They have an addictive ginger margarita and a very yummy (but overpriced) truffle pizza, but it definitely feels like a hotel lounge to me. Sure, it's a very nice, swanky, W hotel lounge, but depending on where you are staying, there could be better options in my opinion.

Tourist stops? When I have first-time visitors in town, I do like getting drinks at the Top of the Hub if the day is clear. Combining drinks with tourist activities is important to me.

Top of the Hub
800 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02199

Crescent Ridge Milk

I just saw their egg nog at the Alewife Whole Foods. I'll have to give that a try--and keep my eye out for their lemonade. Take that, Paul Newman!

Crescent Ridge Milk

That's just the type of validation that I wanted to hear!

Crescent Ridge Milk

Has anyone tried the Crescent Ridge Milk carried at Whole Foods/Dave's Fresh Pasta/other places? It's the stuff in the glass bottles that have a $1.50 deposit? I love that their packaging is very sustainable and from a great farm in Vermont, but I haven't been able to depart from my Highlawn brand allegance. I would love to hear anyone's thoughts who has tried both. I just drank a half gallon of the Highlawn chocolate milk over the course of about 24 hours; I think that it might be a clinical addiction now.

Where should we eat near BU?

Uburger in Kenmore for cheap delicious burgers.

636 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02215

Need help for Anniversary - First Post!

No. 9 is right around the corner and I never wear a tie there. :-)

BEST brunch in Boston?

I don't know if it is the best but I've always enjoyed Aquitaine's brunch. Although I haven't been to any of the places you mentioned for brunch for comparison.

Almost Turkey Time

I can imagine doing a lot of things with $160, but this is not one of them.

Almost Turkey Time

Savenor's just announced the limited availability of some pasteur-rasied turkeys from the 4 Corners Farm in Newburg, VT. $8/lb with an average size of 20lbs.