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Jazz club w/ decent dining?

I would like to get your advice on where I could go for some good live music and eat a decent meal (at the same time!).
I will be staying in midtown but do not mind going uptown or downtown.
Anyone eaten at Smoke in Harmen?

This is for next Tuesday Sept 9th FYI.

Sep 02, 2014
upupaway in Manhattan

Café Via Dante menu

They do not appear to have a website.
Does anyone know where I can see their menu online?

By the looks of some of the reviews, it may be a little pricier than I was first led to believe: e.g. when they say mains are 22-28 does that mean pasta dishes?

Au Pain Perdu Brunch for 8 with reservation

So the owner confirmed that they do not take reservations.
Can anyone guesstimate the likely wait time for a party of this size at 11:30 Sunday morning?


Where can I buy a Capon in Mtl?

I have seen large chickens on occasion at the grocery store but can anyone point me in the right direction?

I would like to roast one for Thanksgiving

Au Pain Perdu Brunch for 8 with reservation

Does anyone know for sure of they take reservations?
We will be four adults, two teenagers, and two children (6 and 9).
We will also be driving so I imagine parking around there wil be pretty tough?

What alternatives come to mind in the Plateau that acept reservations?

Provence Restaurants

We will be spending one week based in Maubec (west Luberon) and the second week in Vaison la Romaine.

Can you please recommend a couple of reliable places in each of those areas for a relaxed dinner in a casual setting that are also family-friendly but featuring typical provancal fare?

Also we would like to take out prepared food to eat in. Can you recommend a place to do that type of shopping nearby?


Jun 19, 2013
upupaway in France

Alternative to CCP?

I have three out of town couples coming in for a Saturday evening meal in April. We usually go to CCP and love it. What are the downtown, plateau, or old mtl alternatives that will not disappoint and stay within that budget?

Three nights in September

"Crispo is ham-fisted, loud and rough to me"

Was under the impression that both d'a and MT are pretty loud. Is Crispo louder still? 7:30 res time.

Aug 20, 2012
upupaway in Manhattan

Three nights in September

Heading to Manhattan to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary in mid-Sept.

Spent the past week researching, and have reserved at the following (in parentheses are my no. 2s that I would appreciate some compare / contrast comments on):

Aside: I used OpenTable; is it better to call the restaurant directly?

Friday: Perilla (Aldea)

Saturday: Crispo (dell' anima)

Sunday: Standard Grill (Minetta Tavern)

I am trying for a certain amount of contrast in terms of menu and ambience, and to stay within $50pp for two courses.

Aug 20, 2012
upupaway in Manhattan

If you had to pick, Scarpetta or Crispo?? HELP??

How much space between tables at Dell Anima?
Scarpetta sounds fabulous but beyond my budget.
Are there any other good candidates not on the lists above?

Aug 16, 2012
upupaway in Manhattan

Casual lunch Old Mtl

So back to square one - a healthy sit down lunch in a nice little bistro in Old Mtl. Does not sound like a tall order but......
Boris Bistro?

Casual lunch Old Mtl

Guess I will try Olive et Gourmando as they seem to have salads as well as sandwiches.
Hopefully the lineup is not too long...if it is may try the nuns brasserie. Is it new?

Casual lunch Old Mtl

I want to take an employee to lunch today in Old Mtl and am seeking recommendations.

Budget $20pp.

Not Titanic and not sandwich shop.

Petit Moulinsard? have not been there for years but they had a nice terrasse.

Night Club with Good Food?

Montreal CH seeking advice on whether we should eat dinner at a Jazz or Blues Club. Or eat elsewhere beforehand and just go for drinks.
Preferred location is south of 30th.

We will be in town for three nights in mid September.

Also am researching downtown restos, using primarily the Village Voice restaurant pages, as they have a pretty good search function.
Are their opinions reliable?

My short list (so far) includes:

Joseph Leonard (do not accept reservations?)
Minetta Tavern
Da Andrea
Standard Grill

That should give an idea of both price point (roughly $50pp before tax and tip and wine) and what we like. Any and all opinions welcome.

I wanted to try Gene's but my wife said "too old"!

(I am 51, but she is 41...sigh...)

Aug 14, 2012
upupaway in Manhattan

Any good restaurants in Brossard or nearby?

I like Chez Julien in La Prairie but have eaten there on several occasions and am looking for a new place for this weekend. Surely there must be some other decent restaurant between Candiac and Boucherville?


I guess not?

May 02, 2012
upupaway in Chicago Area


We have reserved a table for Saturday.
Any insights or opinions as to what they do best?

May 01, 2012
upupaway in Chicago Area


Does not seem to be favoured by this board. Correct?

Apr 25, 2012
upupaway in Chicago Area

Seeking South Beach restaurant advice

I have reserved at AltaMare. Although I generally have an aversion to places that charge separately for sides!
But I need to eat more fish...
Thanks for all your help.

Must eats in Miami Beach?

Can someone please provide an opinion on Baires Grill.

Seeking South Beach restaurant advice

What is your opinion of OLA

Seeking South Beach restaurant advice

My wife and I will be in SoBe next weekend for a corporate R&R program being held at the Ritz Carlton. There is an event at The Mansion that we need to attend on Friday, but am hoping to be able to make a brief appearance and then head to a (hopefully nearby) restaurant.

I liked the sound (and location) of Tulula but understand that it has closed. Can someone pls give me a recommendation - budget mid 20s mains. Hopefull something atmospheric and a bit off the beaten path.

Thanks from Mtl.

Good food near The Mansion nightclub

I will be in SoBe with my wife for a company retreat at the Ritz Carlton this Thursday to Sunday. We have at most time for one restaurant outing on Friday.

I will research various threads time permitting, but here is what I am looking for:

Ideally walking distance from The Mansion in South Beach. My wife and I need to attend a corporate function there but it is really not my kind of place, so I thought that the two of us could escape to a place with reliably good food and a decent wine list. Does NOT need to be high end or a big name. My preference would be Spanish but not a must.

Budget $50 pp not incl wine.

Thanks from Mtl.

Apr 14, 2012
upupaway in Florida

Two nights in Chicago

We are a group of six middle-aged male conference-goers arriving in Chicago May 4th. Our plan is to enjoy the weekend incl taking in a Cubs game prob Saturday afternoon, as the conf does not get underway until Sunday evening. We will be staying at the Palmer House.

So we have two evening restaurants to plan: Friday and Saturday. We are all carnivores and love our wine. Like most tourists, we are looking for authentic Chicago eating and drinking experiences.

Based on my research here so far, I like the sound of Piccolo Sogno, but it is not close to the hotel. Something tells me that we should be looking in River North for proximity?

I tend to agree with some comments that one need not dine at a Steakhouse to enjoy a good steak. With that in mind, is there something that fits the bill within walking distance of our hotel?

Finally, a good bar for a martini or two in the Loop?

Thanks from Mtl.

Apr 11, 2012
upupaway in Chicago Area

Best Cape Cod homebase for Chowhound

I would prefer to stay in one town and not have to drive far to eat well, esp in the evening.
With that in mind, where would you suggest I set up camp?

Feb 03, 2011
upupaway in Southern New England

Provence July 2011

Thanks for that thoughtful list.
Am I still getting to know the geography so some of those towns I am not familiar with.
There is another active thread on the same topic so I am following it a swell.

Jan 28, 2011
upupaway in France

A Week In Provence- Where to Eat

I have heard that LOustalon in Mausanne les Alipilles is worth a visit. Anyone on this board eaten there.
I am thinking of staying for eight days in St-Remy at Le mas des carassins, and taking their half board offer of four suppers, leaving the other four for restos in the area.

Jan 26, 2011
upupaway in France

Provence July 2011

We are two Montreal Chowhounds planning a week in Provence the first week of July. I know it will be busy. Based on the research I have done to date, I am leaning on spending the whole week based in St-Remy. I would plan to do day trips to various attractions within Western Provence, incl the Luberon, and have a nice lunch wherever we find ourselves. To avoid evening drives after wine consumption, I would plan to dine within walking distance of our hotel.
With this in mind I would be grateful for some St-Remy-de-Provence restaurant recommendations, plus some advice on where to eat while we are out exploring the region.

Jan 16, 2011
upupaway in France

A Week In Provence- Where to Eat

Can you share your St-Remy resto list with your recommendations please.

Jan 16, 2011
upupaway in France

the truth about poutine?

I have been to Ashton in QC, but never tried the poutine. Do they have any locations in greater Mtl.
Will definitely make the trip to Paul Patates in the Point. Sounds like a gas.

Paul Patate
2606 Rue De Coleraine, Montreal, QC H3K1S7, CA