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Dungeness Crab Prices 2012

99 Ranch in Fremont today had tanks of live Dungeness for $10.97/lb. Right alongside were good-sized live lobsters for $7.99/lb.

Christie's breaks records with Tour d'Argent sale ($6.7 million)

Enjoy your tulips. Great QPR with those.

Dec 26, 2012
Eugene Park in Wine

Well, no 2012 Yquem...

He'd be remiss not to include the '12 in the complete vertical offering of D'Yquem, as well......

Dec 25, 2012
Eugene Park in Wine

Christie's breaks records with Tour d'Argent sale ($6.7 million)

"I have great passion for wine, but that passion is for the pairing of food and wine b/c (at least for my palate), no matter how etheral the wine or food by itself is, the right pairing is that much more chowish..."

You have a greater passion for food if the wine being paired with it has to strike an acceptable "chowish QPR". A wine aficionado knows that you pair the food to the wine, no matter what the actual cost or value is of that bottle of fermented grape juice.

Don't get me wrong - - - I love food like many do here. But short of eating a couple pounds of white truffles from Alba in one sitting, or the Almas variety of Beluga caviar, there are going to be few opportunities where the cost of a meal will ever equal the cost of a bottle of DRC or of Clos D'Ambonnay. And most people who are passionate about fermented grape juice are just fine with that.

Dec 25, 2012
Eugene Park in Wine

Christie's breaks records with Tour d'Argent sale ($6.7 million)

"a higher level of disposable income is not only essential for purchasing these types of wines and spirits, so too is a passion for wine and spirits"

Exactly. The buyers of these lots are either in the very upper strata of the 1%, or are in some segment of industry that caters to that same strata. For someone with an investment portfolio of $500M that generates a 5% annual return, throwing down $500K on a few cases of what most mortals would classify as unachievable "bucket list" bottles represents a week's worth of dividends. A $20K bottle of wine once a month isn't going to hurt at all under those circumstances.

Dec 23, 2012
Eugene Park in Wine

Well, no 2012 Yquem...

Don't fret. Rudy Kurniawan will be offering cases of 2012 d'Yquem at auction sometime in the next 5-10 years (i.e. whenever he gets out of the federal pokey).....

Dec 23, 2012
Eugene Park in Wine

Orin Swift Papillon

You can't fool us CHers. We know you're really Keyser Soze......

Dec 23, 2012
Eugene Park in Wine

Crab strike is over


Looking for Pliny the Elder beer-Berkeley/Oak

Thanks Rub & Cheesy!

(sounds like a goofy band heard it here first, I think!)

Looking for Pliny the Elder beer-Berkeley/Oak

Did you find out how much WF charges for PtE by the bottle?

Dungeness Crab Prices 2012

I decided to play golf instead of getting crab first thing in the morning. Went to Lucky Seafood on E. 12th St. at about 11:45AM. Around 10 ppl in line. Crabs were in the 1.75 to 2 lb range, but feisty. $4.99/lb for live, or $3.99/lb for dead ones (I overheard one of the staff instructing the person buying some dead crabs to cook them as soon as they get home).

Dungeness Crab Prices 2012

Any idea what time Lucky Seafood opens on Thanksgiving morning?

Great places near San Jose Convention Center?

Kudos for the detailed trip report!! Sounds like you had more hits than misses. Too bad Arcadia was horrible QPR (quality/price ratio) for you and your wife.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2012

Not every 99 Ranch has the capability of steaming (or even frying IIRC).

As for Foster City, they steam for 15 minutes. It comes out a little bit overdone for my tastes. I think next time I'll ask them to go only 10 or 12 minutes.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2012

Stopped by the Foster City 99 Ranch market. Fresh live crab is $4.99/lb today. Couple of their tanks were stuffed so full, there wasn't any room to see how active the crabs were. But a tank right next to the full ones only was about 25% full, and it was like a benches clearing brawl going on in there.

Was sorely tempted to buy some and use their complimentary steaming service, but wasn't heading home for a few hours so decided to hold off.......... =-/

Dinking the wine in your collection ?


Times are tough when one of your missions in life is to have to "plow" thru such a measly cellar. I'm sure you'll have a worthwhile individual or few to pass it on to, or a suitable charity. Hopefully, it's just a handful of cases that are left for them!

BTW, if you're in need of a suggestion of a worthwhile charity, I'm founder & CEO of the "Eugene Fund". Not to be confused with George Costanza's Human Fund......... ;-)



Nov 18, 2012
Eugene Park in Wine


To add to the great analysis of Maria, I can attest from opening an '82 PJ Fleur de Champagne a couple weekends ago that the materials used to bottle older vintage champagnes were also far sturdier than what is offered nowadays. I and my friends who enjoyed the bottle with me were all amazed at how heavy the foil enclosure covering the cork was. The foil was thick and weighed over a 1/4 of a pound by itself.

And the '82 PJ FdC was scrumptious in an aged champagne way (i.e. almost Sauternes like but still with more than vestiges of the acidity, apple pear and brioche that I love in a quality champagne). While the provenance wasn't superb (had been stored in a basement in its original box, but not temperature controlled), it had held up remarkably well.

Sep 27, 2012
Eugene Park in Wine

Bar C├ęsar - Oakland

I tried out their happy hour several weeks ago. Oysters were $1.75 apiece instead of the $1.00 the website lists them at. Overall experience was average. No plans to return.

Looking for Restaurant in East Bay (EC to Oakland) for Large Group Monday Nights and Fairly Inexpensive

Grand Oaks Restaurant & Sports Bar in Oakland, on Grand Avenue near the Piedmont border. Early bird menu served from 5PM to 7:30PM, with entrees in the $11.95-$14.95 price range. Full bar. They have several banquet rooms, so even if there are some sporting events on the TVs and the restaurant is crowded, the back rooms are plenty quiet for conversation.

Campo di Bocce (Livermore & Los Gatos)

Booze could be inserted first on the list, depending on the parties you're with......

Saturday Night Buyout or Room/Semi-private space for Wedding After-Party?

Dang, now you're really making things difficult with all the additional detail. Union Square is going to be tough to find a casual place with food and DJ dancing. Maybe Swig, or Ambassador? You might have to resort to just searching that Y site for bars/lounges/clubs in the Union Square/Tenderloin/SOMA area and doing some recon.

Saturday Night Buyout or Room/Semi-private space for Wedding After-Party?

Not sure exactly where in Union Square you're staying. Vessel as well as Jones are reasonable walking distance from most hotels in the US area. They definitely aren't hole in the walls, but I'm sure the guests would be impressed. Jones would have better food, and their outdoor terrace is awesome. But SF weather being what it is, nighttime temps in early November could be crazy warm or (more likely) chilly.

If those two are budget busters, check back and I'll throw some more suggestions out.

Saturday Night Buyout or Room/Semi-private space for Wedding After-Party?

How far out are you planning? There's a number of places downtown and in SOMA that could fit the bill, as long as you're not talking a month or two away. Longer than that, and they're not as likely to be booked by promoters or for in-house promoted events.

August 2012 San Francisco Dish of the Month: Voting Thread - TIE BREAKER


San Francisco Dish of the Month July 2012: Asian Fried Chicken

Just read thru this whole thread, and have to co-sign about Holy Moly (especially if you can get the happy hour pricing on food and drink). Happy hour is actually a good time to go if you're not an early 20-something Korean (which comprises their clientele later in the evening). You'll have the run of the place to yourself typically, so "bring the party", and service is fine (i.e.not intrusive but not indifferent). If you like watching K-pop videos in large amounts, you'll be in heaven...... :-)

Last Night at Perbacco [San Francisco]

I had the octopus dish as part of a group dinner of 13 in their Barolo room upstairs in the back a few weeks ago. Everyone was astounded by this dish, even the few who were "eh" about octopus. Perfect texture and a multitude of complementary flavor profiles.

Got recipe vietnamese roast crab/garlic noodles? [moved from San Francisco]

I add dried garlic powder in addition to the fresh garlic. I also add some sugar midway thru the cooking process.

Jul 24, 2012
Eugene Park in Home Cooking

Selling the BF on a SF move

^^^ This is stellar advice.

My additions:

1) The City (tourists and the rapper crowd are mostly the only folks who call it "Frisco") is not a prime location for Japanese. It's alright, don't get me wrong. But the places people rave about are a drive or Caltrain ride further south (for sushi).
2) Unless you're willing to pay well north of $2K per month in rent, you won't have an "easy" commute into downtown SF unless you live across the Bay in Oakland or Berkeley a reasonable distance from a BART station or "casual carpool" pickup spot.

Trip Report from Toronto hound

*** raises a bottle of La Fin du Monde in salute to an excellent TR ***

Australia's (and maybe the world's) Most Expensive New Release Wine - US$170,000

I have a friend who runs a wine import business based in mainland China. He's sent me pictures he's taken in supermarkets of displays offering bottles of red wine with a can of Coca Cola shrinkwrapped to the wine bottle. Hilarious, to say the least....... =-D

Jul 12, 2012
Eugene Park in Wine