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drinking vinegars?

We ate there a few weeks ago as well, I tried the honey drinking vinegar and asked the waiter how it was made, he was unsure but said that it did contain apple cider vinegar and that there was a process to make it that involved blending it with ??? and fermenting it. I thought it to be tart and delicious and thirst-quenching. PS the Khao soi kai was killer!

Aug 11, 2009
beanandpotato in General Topics

Pork and Pâté Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh Mi)

Whenever we visited NYC we always visited A Chau deli on Mulberry street in Chinatown, absolutely loved the crispy rolls and fresh ingredients. Unfortunately the place has closed. :(

Any recommendations for our next visit? We prefer local mom and pop places.

Aug 11, 2009
beanandpotato in Recipes