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cabane a sucre?

I am looking for a good cabane a sucre in the Laval/Laurentians region to go with the family? Suggestions?

Best place to buy specialty baking supplies?

Thanks...I'll check it out!

Best place to buy specialty baking supplies?

Thanks. I've been there. I find Ares (at least the one in Laval) is not that great. And it is also quite overpriced.

Best place to buy specialty baking supplies?

ready made...I tried making it myself once and it was a disaster....

Best place to buy specialty baking supplies?

Hello Everyone...
I am going to try my hand at making decorated sugar cookies a la Martha Stewart for the holidays and I am looking for a place that sells specialty baking supplies in the Montreal/Laval area....things such as cookie cutters ( special shapes like snowflakes, angels, etc...), sanding sugar, royal icing, gold dragees, etc. Any help is much appreciated.


Hot dogs?

what's the best hot dog joint in Montreal? Mtl Pool Room.. I've also heard of Chez MaTante??? Any others?

Cuban food for newbies

I am visiting Miami area with family and we want to have Cuban Italian parents have never tried it so we want to take them out but we're relative newbies to the cuisine. I've been to Versailles and Larios in SOBE but I was wondering if anyone knows of any other good cuban restos we can try out.


Thanks....but I am from Montreal so any other bagel just a pales in comparison. But I have tried the bialys (sp??) at Sage and they were very good!
We're going to check out the Floridian on Las Olas. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.


Thanks...I am in Hallandale. So anything within a half hour drive would be great.


We are visiting south florida and we're looking for a good spot for breakfast...any suggestions? We have tried Rascal House and we were not impressed....thanks.

Pizzeria Napoletana HELP

If your set on Italian Piatto Pieno on St Zotique is pretty good too. Bottega is VERY overpriced and the pizza I had there was mediocre at best...the crust was great but the rest of the pizza was SOGGY...almost like they had either undercooked or over-sauced it.

65 Rue Saint-Zotique E, Montreal, QC H2S1K7, CA

Pizzeria Napoletana HELP

It's a family-style place....atmosphere is pretty frills. The pizza is tasty...more north american style than italian.

Best Boston eats--family friendly?


I'll be visiting Boston with family the weekend of Oct.10th. Looking for suggestions for local restaurants that are family friendly -- and serve good food. We'll have 2 toddlers with us. Any suggestionsmuch appreciated.Thanks

Sep 24, 2009
cupcake22 in Greater Boston Area

pasta potluck recipes

I need a good pasta recipe to take to a potluck....I have plenty of eggplants, San Marzano tomatoes and basil growing in the garden. I need a recipe that transports well and will hold up. thanks so much

Aug 18, 2009
cupcake22 in Home Cooking

are there any GREAT cheesecakes in Montreal?

Broadway Cheescake co in Laval makes a mean cheesecake....lots of varieties. I like the peanut butter one. but the classic NY cheesecake is great too. It's on blvd St Martin.

Looking for Breakfast

I know it's out of the way...but there is this new place in Laval called Coco Loco. It's on Cure-Labelle. The breakfasts there are great. The pancakes are light and fluffy...fruit & smoothies are always fresh and in-season. And the decor is pretty funky roosters and farm scenes here!

Coconut buns

Kam Fung is where I had the great cocnut buns.

Coconut buns

I had the most amazing warm coconut buns at a dim sum place in Chinatown...where can I get good coconut buns in Montreal??????

Friends will be here from Florida and am looking for a great Italian restaurant.

Piatto Pieno on St Zotique in Little Italy is really good. The pizza is fabulous. And I believe it's a byob.

Frozen Almond Croissants

Have you tried Gourmet Privilege...there's one on Fleury. I find most almond croissants to be disappointing. Pagel used to make the most deliscious almond croissants...they were filled with an almond cream...nothing like the pasty, dry stuff most are filled with. They stopped making them years ago though....

Montreal hot dog?

Chez Ma Tante on Fleury corner St. Michel. Best steamie in town. They use Shopsys hot dogs. And the fries are great too.

Looking for Mtl's best vegetarian resto???

I am treating two good friends to lunch this Sunday and I am looking for a good vegetarian restaurant in Montreal...any suggestions? I've heard of Fuschia and Crudessence...are they any good???