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Can an excellent dining experience be had in Niagara Falls?

Had an excellent meal at Napoli. The Butternut squash soup with sweet potato crisps was excellent, good pizza, and I had their homemade sausage with polenta and rapini, which I loved. G/f had homemade ravioli, excellent as well. Good value and good food from someone who cares about making it.

Napoli Pizzeria
5485 Ferry St, Niagara Falls, ON L2G1S3, CA

Great Hot Dogs at Rutt's Hut? Fuhgedaboudit!

We'll have to agree to disagree. Not sure what you were expecting from a hot dog fried in the fryer. Hiram's is pretty much the same, though I always get chili there and just the "relish" at Rutt's. A Danish friend told me the relish what they call remoulade- cabbage, caulflower, ett boiled in apple juice with mustard seed in it. Sounds about right.

My current fave is Crif's in NYC- they wrap their fried dogs in bacon, and have many toppings- but the dogs taste the same. Certainly not tasteless, but not a spicy dog like a Usinger's, which I had at Big Daddy's in NYC. That was a good dog.

What I like about Rutt's- besides the obvious nostalgia, I've been going since I had to use the kid's counter- is the crunch of the dog (ripper) vs. the sweet mush of the relish. Admittedly there are no real strong flavors here. It's a grease pit. The rings have gotten a lot better. They used to be a bag of mess. Now actual rings that stay together!

Aug 27, 2009
Tommy Salami in New Jersey

Best Place For Lunch Near Newark International Airport

Can't miss with Ironbound. There's a recent thread for Casa Vasca for Basque; rodizio joints abound. I like Fernando's. Taste of Portugal's Steak on a Stone is fantastic.
Burger? Try Krug's Tavern on Wilson st.
If you want something fancier, foodie fusion, 27 Mix on Halsey St. is great for lunch.

Best Burger

If you consider Newark "north" enough, I highly recommend Krug's Tavern in Ironbound. $6 for a 3/4 burger steamed on the grill. It's divey but friendly, been there since the 30's and still serving good food. Owners are related to Jake LaMotta of "raging Bull" fame.

The standard around here is the Cloverleaf Tavern in Caldwell. Nice, juicy burger- not knock your socks off but much better than tightly packed diner fare. Steve's Sizzling Steaks on Rt 17 in Carlstadt makes a good Blaze Burger too. I have photos and full reviews in my profile link. But here's one of Krug's:

Sonoran hot dog in the area?

Got a name for the place? I'll check it out.

Sonoran hot dog in the area?

NPR just did a story on Sonoran style hot dogs here:

While you can get similar bacon dogs at Crif in NYC or The Dover Grill in NJ, i was wondering if anyone knows of trucks or restaurants serving the real thing and food like it, in the area.