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Dulce de Leche

I use to make dulce de leche in my crock pot. Super easy!! It gets sticky on the sides but it does not burn. (at least in mine)

Nov 03, 2011
MsPia in Recipes

Argentine Chimichurri Sauce

As an Argentine myself I would like to say that this sauce should be call Chimichurri "Style" if you like, but to call it "Argentine Chimichurri" is not correct. Parsley and garlic for us is "Provenzal".
The are several recipes for chimichurri mostly with dried herbs, definitely oregano and "aji molido" that are a non spicy type of red pepper flakes (very flavourful)

Jun 15, 2010
MsPia in Recipes

Potato and Parsnip Mash

Definitely the quality of the olive oil makes the dish. The first time I made this I had it with an "UNBELIVABLY AMAZING" organic Italian olive oil and the dish was out of of this world. I made it a second time with just regular olive oil and it was boring.

Nov 23, 2009
MsPia in Recipes