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Top 3 Hot Dogs

1.jene and judes
2.Weiners circle
3. paradise pup(char broiled)
Mike Farmer, river Grove

Aug 11, 2009
mfarmer142 in Chicago Area

NYC Chowhound visiting Chi: Best Deep-Dish Pizza?

are you all friggin kidding me?? let me fix this obvious moot debate....The best pizza in Chicago?? were talkin deep dish rite?? In CHICAGO!! RITE, NOT the burbs??? o.k. the best pizza in the city is at Uno Or Due in the loop. ontario and wabash will get you Due's my personal favorite. I cant believe i actually heard Gino's pizza in here..I mean what? you gotta be from outta town to eat there dont you?? as for Lou's? aint they ONLY in the burbs??? that aint Chitown! Reguardless of the relationship between lou and Ike!(do your pizza recearch!) anyway, do the dou! It may take a while to get into pizzaria due's but the wait is minimal compared to what you get!!!! (312)943-2400!!! get one to go!! and if you do go there tell them Mike Farmer told you to!!! ENJOY!

Aug 11, 2009
mfarmer142 in Chicago Area