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Portuguese restaurant near PATH train in Newark for birthday dinner

I almost hate to even post this, but Sol Mar is the absolute best. It's about a 15 minute walk from Newark's Penn Station. I have my birthday party here every year, and eat in here whenever I can. There are also a few wonderful restaurants in the direct vicinity of this one, but Sol mar is the best. The variety of food is unbelievable...on any given day you can find about a dozen varieties of extremely fresh fish, prepared in the most tasteful and original manner, and if you are a fan of 'bacalao', you will find about three varieties of this alone. The steaks are to die for, and the service is amazingly friendly. Every day Sol Mar has a number of lunch specials, almost none of which are over 15$, and includes such dishes as rooster. The flaming sausage is very popular here. Needless to say, this restaurant is frequented by mostly local people. You have your choice of eating either on the outside patio, at or adjacent to the bar, where world soccer is always on, or in the dining room in the back. I have eaten in some of the others, but this is the best by far. I would avoid Forno's and Iberia, as these are closer to Penn Station and mostly tourist traps, but Sol mar is in my opinion the best restaurant in the entire Tri-State area (which includes Manhattan...there is absolutely nothing comparable to this in Manhattan). If you are looking for the rodizio, try someplace else.

JJ Mannions Yonkers CLOSED????

This place should be closed. Have re-opened under a new name, but obviously no one is is always empty. The food is average and overpriced...sirloin steak is 39$ and doesn't even include a vegetable or potato. Avoid this place.