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Where can I buy alligator meat in DC/VA area?

My kids love fried alligator bites. Anyone know of a place to buy alligator meat in the DC or Arlington areas?

Good Family Friendly Place close to the National Zoo

We always go to 2 Amy's for awesome Neapolitan pizza on our way home from the zoo. It's not walking distance, but probably about 2 miles.

Hong Kong Palace Menu -- Pick Your Faves.....

Is this chicken dish served cold with the bones still in and cut into little pieces about an inch long? This was the only item I've ever had there I didn't like, but I'm not sure what it was called.

Passover Coke

I bought some at the Shopper's at 7 Corners over the weekend. I've been seeking it out for years, but, alas, now realize that I prefer Coke with corn syrup after all. Oh well.

Crisp & Juicy coming to Tenleytown

I love the flavor, but have never found anything "crisp" about it. That said, I've only ever done takeout. Is it crispy if I eat it on the spot?

Backyard BBQ in Arlington - Report

I had the brisket sandwich over the weekend, and it's much better than the pork.

Backyard BBQ in Arlington - Report

I agree--it's very bland. I've been a few times because it's a half mile from my house and OK for a quick dinner or weekend lunch, but I much prefer other places. I actually like Rocklands on Washington Blvd. They've got much more smoky flavor and flavored crusty bits.

Standards for local farmers markets

I usually go to the Arlington market, which I know has requirements that all items be grown/baked/made within a certain radius. This past weekend, I went to the Falls Church market for a change. I went to the crepe stand and saw a peach crepe on the menu. I would have ordered that, except that my six-year-old demanded we share the red white and blue crepe with strawberries, white chocolate chips, and blueberries. I'm glad she made me switch because, after I ordered, I saw the person in back whip out the can opener for a huge Costco-sized can of Del Monte peaches. I was shocked--at a farmers market in August? When the most succulent peaches I've ever had were available within yards?

Obviously there are some limits to localness-I don't expect local flour from the bakers, for instance, nor was I shocked that the strawberries for my crepe appeared to come from a Driscoll's container given that they aren't in season here this time of year, but the canned peaches were a real disappointment. Is it standard for a "farmers market" to insist on only local items?