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Independent coffee shops on Upper West Side?

Joe's just opened on Columbus and 85th.

Hansen's Soda on UWS?

Heh, thanks for the tip. I actually found them on a bottom shelf upstairs at Fairway. Swish!

Hansen's Soda on UWS?

I know Trader Joe's carries Hansen's but does anyone know of a store in the UWS that carries this brand?


Upper West Side (or at least non Chinatown) Chinese

Just FYI 88 Noodle House closed down over the weekend. There's a collection notice on the door. Too bad, that was decent food delivered super-fast.

Anywhere to get a real masala chai to go on UWS?

I figured as much but I thought I'd ask all the same. I'll give HC a try soon. Thanks for the info and recs!

Anywhere to get a real masala chai to go on UWS?

Getting sick of the watered-down and yet too-sweet chai lattes at Starbucks et al. Anyone know of a place to get a quality masala chai to go on the Upper West that doesn't involve syrup from a tetra pack?

Vegetarian Ramen?

Oh man, what a great movie. Now I'm hungry and eager for the same info!

First Date Veggie Restos (GTA)

Fressen on Queen has a nice vibe and the food is quite good -- plus it's a sharing menu, good for first dates :)

Boom Breakfast

It's a tremendous boon to fans of bland breakfasts.

Where is the best Mexican in Toronto?

I enjoyed Milagro a lot too despite the iffy service.

Lakeview Lunch

I think you'd have to go WAY back in time to find out when this place was good. I've been in the neighbourhood for 7 years and it's always been bad.

Fresh Poblano peppers in Toronto?

And Whole Foods.

masala chai in GTA

House of Tea on Yonge (near Rosedale station) has a good loose leaf masala chai.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Toronto?

Also see for a good list of veg and veg-friendly places broken down by neighbourhood.

Veggie Burgers

Pulp Kitchen has pretty good veggie burgers for sure, and not the 'near meat' style most people seem to talk up (blech).

Burrito Boyz

The veggie burritos are very 'ho hum'.

California Sandwiches

I went there once -- everything was swimming in oil -- but I really didn't understand why it's called California Sandwiches. Ain't much Californian about that place.

Dinner Recs for Bloor West (btwn Jane & Royal York)

Bloor West would be Prince Edward to Jane (ish). Jane to Royal York is more The Kingsway. FYI.

best hole-in-the-wall takeout in TO

New York Subway for Indian-Mexican burritos (Queen halfway between Bathurst and Spadina).

Great Indian Food in TO

Nataraj is good if you are a fan of oil.

Best Greasy spoon Diner in TO?

Yes, sorry. You're right.

Nachos in T.O

Mitzi's Sister on Queen in parkdale has veggie nachos a mile high -- layered cheese (not just on top) and a ton of toppings. Better than Sneaky Dees IMO but veg only.

Best Greasy spoon Diner in TO?

My greasy spoon days are largely behind me but I enjoyed Patrician Grill on Queen near Princess and if you want medicore diner fare go to Flo's Diner in Yorkville. It's the medicoriest!

The BEST Vegetarian in T.O?

Utopia at College and Clinton has lots of great belly-filling veg options -- and you can eat there with your meaty friends.

Great Indian Food in TO

Indian Cooking Classes:

Living Well (redux)

I'm recommend a hearty pass on Living Well. It's a 'meh'.

johny banana (review)

Their salads are good as well. Crappy location but you have to start somewhere.

Utopia Cafe (College east of Clinton)

Utopia is our 'go to' haunt -- never had a bad meal there.

Though -- if any one from Utopia happens to read this... bring back the old veggie sausages. The new ones do not compare!

Suggestions for a good Indian buffet?

Totally agree with the Little India (on Queen) rec. Zero atmosphere, awesome food. No dinner buffet but the lunch buffet is great and the veggie thali for dinner is practically a buffet on its own.

Saigon Sisters??

I've been there twice and the apps were great but the tofu green curry main was far too silky for my tastes.