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phx: what local place do you think is underrated?

I will second Pittsburgh Willy's! Not only do they have great and inexpensive dogs, but on Wednesdays (and I hear some weekends) they have pierogi night. These are amazing, homemade potato and cheese pierogi, smothered in butter and onions, and they just melt in your mouth! The pasta is slightly chewy, and they are perfectly stuffed with filling.

An order of 6 with a hunk of kielbasa and a soda will only set you back $6.50, and just the pierogi is an even more ridiculous $5.00. You can also get the pierogi to go for 75 cents a piece. I had them for dinner tonight, and I am full and very happy!

Pittsburghwilly's gourmet hot dogs
1509 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85225

Mar 18, 2009
MesaMexicanFoods in Phoenix

Arepas in Phoenix or Scottsdale?

I saw the Throwdown episode as well, and immediately went searching for arepas. It became clear pretty quickly that my best chance was to make them myself. If you are making them, be sure to buy PAN Harina, which is a specific type of pre-cooked corn meal. I have heard that you can make it with regular corn masa, but it won't be the same.

I ended up making carnitas and using that as my main filling, along with black beans, cotija, and guacamole. Man, they were good! I also chose to experiment by cooking the arepas on my gas barbeque, which worked out pretty well.

I saw some arepa makers at Big Lots last week in So. Tempe for $20.00, which seemed like a pretty good deal.

Oct 18, 2008
MesaMexicanFoods in Phoenix

Mexican (PHX - East Valley)

A little farther north than Southeast Mesa, but there is a great Nayarit style Mexican Food restaurant called Los Picos Parrila - 1542 W University Dr Mesa, AZ 85201 (University Between Longmore and Alma School). We have been going there for years, and everything on the menu is very good to excellent. It's a Mom and Pop type place, and I believe it is closed on Tuesdays. Their colima lime hand squeezed margaritas are fantastic, and they make a mean Shrimp Diablo!

There is also a little taco shop in a strip mall in Chandler (Northwest corner of Alma School and Warner) called Taqueria Mi Casita. No frills, just a few tables and great, authentic tacos, including beef tongue and cabeza. For the less adventurous, they also have carne asada and really nice fish tacos as well - all served on three bite sized corn tortillas. Prices run a couple of bucks per taco, and the owner and staff are always super friendly.

Los Picos Parrilla
1542 W University Dr, Mesa, AZ 85201

Apr 08, 2008
MesaMexicanFoods in Phoenix

PHX Los Betos, Filibertos, et al. - What's Good, Not?

Ahhh, the Berto group. Lots of places around town called somethingBerto. I've eaten at the beto's you mentioned, I rate it on the middle of the scale of the bertos I have eaten at. I have three Fillabertos within a couple of miles from me, two of them are inconsistent, and the one on Dobson and Southern in Mesa is actually really good about 95 percent of the time.

I think they are just about all reasonably safe to eat at, most of their problems have come from the green and white police (illegal alien stuff), rather than food issues. There is another berto like shop pretty close to the one you mentioned, but I think the food is superior. It's called Super Burrito and it's on Scottsdale Road, just south of Thomas on the East side of the street. I don't know about their late night status, but last time I was there, I got a couple of fish tacos for 3 bucks and a Huge Horchata, and I was pleasantly full for just over 5 bucks.

If you find yourself in Chandler, there is a little Taqueria on Alma School and Warner called Taqueria Azteca (it has another name too, I can't remember what it is). Small place, EXTREMELY friendly service from the owner/cook/server. Food is great and super cheap - about a buck and a half per taco. They are on the small side, but 2 is a good lunch.


Jul 06, 2007
MesaMexicanFoods in Phoenix