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Moving to Las Vegas, looking to get the lay of the culinary landscape

Wow! Thank you, that's tons of information, and of exactly the kind I wanted. Thanks for the warm welcome, and my husband works out of Nellis, too, as a mechanic (F-16 sounds right to me, although the extent of my knowledge of aircraft is limited to "It's a plane!" and "You smell like jet fuel, get out of my kitchen") Thank you so much for all the references, I look forward to putting in some more research about these specific locations.

I'm glad to hear that the city sort of picks up as the weather gets colder, because it looks like it's going to be the end of the year before I get down there. I've been keeping sort of half an eye on the weather in Vegas, and being a little freaked out by daily temperatures that are consistently higher than the single hottest day of summer I remember in my entire life. But, it'll be nice to call the family in the winter, when it's -40C back home :D

I'm especially excited about Mimi's Cafe, as it sounds somewhat like a cafe/bakery right across the back lane from the house I live in currently--I'm pretty serious about potatoes for breakfast, too--and I'm looking forward to having a place that serves good, simple food on those mornings when I just don't feel like cooking.

Thank you again, so much, for all this information. It's really helpful to have knowledgeable people provide some direction for my research :)

Aug 11, 2009
PreludeInZ in Las Vegas

Moving to Las Vegas, looking to get the lay of the culinary landscape

Hello! I am new to Chowhound, though I've been peripherally aware of it for ages now, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to get some information from a knowledgeable community of people.

So this is my situation, in brief. Currently I live in Manitoba, Canada, and I was married at the end of May. I'm currently in immigration purgatory, but as soon as all the paperwork for my permanent resident visa goes through, I'm going to be joining my husband in Las Vegas. He's in the air force, and transferred to Vegas from Florida almost a month ago, so while he's more familiar with the area than I am, access to really good food has never been high on his list of priorities as it is on mine.

We have an apartment in the northwest corner of the city (I think the area's called Centennial?), right near the junction of N Durango Dr and the 215. Anyway, I love to cook and I love good restaurants, and I'd like to know what's out there as far as good grocery stores (I know absolutely nothing about American grocery chains) and places to eat out in the vicinity. Are there any restaurants that someone new to the city absolutely must check out? Are there places in the northwest that are best avoided?

I'm also curious about specialty stores and farmer's markets and butchers, and which of them are worth a drive across the city. I've done a bit of research, but I really haven't got much for a frame of reference, and I'd love to hear from residents and people with personal knowledge of the city.

Thanks so much :)

Aug 09, 2009
PreludeInZ in Las Vegas