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Lunch Near Wrentham outlets?

I was just at Wrentham this weekend and ate at Commonwealth BBQ. It's a no frills BBQ take-out/dine at outdoor picnic tables spot not even 5 minutes from the outlets. Not fancy, but really good food.

Sep 16, 2013
ddeforge in Greater Boston Area

Help! Bell's Seasoning in DC

Thank you all! Happy Thanksgiving!

Help! Bell's Seasoning in DC

I used to be able to track down my favorite new england spice at Dean & Deluca. But they don't carry it anymore and I just can't have my Thanksgiving day stuffing without it. Anyone know where I can find some in DC? Thanks in advance for any leads!

Recommendation for solo dining near the W Downtown?

Not sure if you already were in the city, but I was in the same situation and just had a GREAT dinner at Kevin Rathburn's Steaks. It was a short cab ride ($8) but definitly worth it. Great food, local microbrews, amazing wine list, good atmosphere and a bar area where a single doesn't feel out of place. You can either sit at the bar, where there were two good bartenders. Both were friendly but also knew when to let me enjoy my meal. One even gave me a tasting of a local brew. Also, there are high tables at the bar area where you can spread out if you are working or would prefer to not sit at the bar. Overall really good experience. Enjoy your trip.

Mar 15, 2010
ddeforge in Atlanta

Tips for Solo Traveler in Phoenix Area

Thank you, both! I ended up going to NOCA -- a-ma-zing! Really the service and food were wonderful. And the bar was a really nice place to dine. Very close to the open air kitchen, which provided some entertainment and also had good service/conversations with the bartender who seemed knowledgeable not only about spirits/wine, but also about the food. The second night, when it was storming, I ended up eating at elements, the restaraunt at the resort where I was staying. Food was good, drinks were great, but service was lacking. I wouldn't recommend it, at least on a Friday night, to people dining alone. Looks like it would be a great date place though.

Thanks again!

Aug 23, 2009
ddeforge in Phoenix

Tips for Solo Traveler in Phoenix Area

I am going to be in Phoenix for work and decided to extend my trip for a few days. Ideally, I would like to be able to have dinner at a restaraunt with a bar where I will be able to get a seat and not feel totally out of place. A nice meal or some interesting apps would work. I have been reading the boards and have seen recommendations for everything from NOCA to Roaring Fork for happy hour, but most of the posts don't say much about the layout of the restaraunt. Any tips you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Aug 16, 2009
ddeforge in Phoenix