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Blue Ridge Parkway

Going for a drive from mile marker zero (near Staunton, VA) to at least Lynchburg. Anything chow-worthy, or even chow-notable, along the way?

Capitol Hill Delivery?

Szechuan House on 8th Street, SE. The restaurant changed to a fusion style place, but you can still order off the old Szechuan House menu and have it delivered. Ive found them to be the best in town, for a number of dishes (I think they do crispy shredded beef much better than Mei Wa, and chow fun as well)


Sorry- good point. Looking for something seasonal-- doesn't have to be exotic. At this point more trying to avoid a bad meal.


Thanks in advance-- we are looking to do a decent dinner for about 20 on a Friday night in December in DC, hopefully not too far from the Southwest Waterfront. Any suggestions? I've looked at several places-- and would probably like to avoid Georgetown due to traffic reasons, but have seen L'Enfant hotel, Sonoma, and a few other places. budget up to roughly $60/head.

Am I missing anything big here?

Maybe something north of the mall?

This is like the one major thing i have to do for this wedding so i can't screw it up.

Visiting DC, Any must-try street food/ cheap eats to reccomend?

also some of the best cheez sticks (when they're heated all the way through) i've ever had at a 'resturant'-- and god forbid you're a yankee fan (keep it to yourself if you go there)

Dried Fruit in DC?

agree- Trader Joe's has the best-- unfortunately everything's packaged, so not always easy to get the quanity you want. The dried orange-flavored cranberries-- fantastic in oatmeal.

any extraordinary local chain rest recs?

Clyde's seafood happy hour (half-priced raw bar).

there's good food in the burbs... avoid the chains.

Looking for the locals favs..the really good stuff

mmmbacon totally gave up the best-kept secret in DC: A.Litteri's. Best sandwich, period. cheap italian wines, and other great Italian deli items. My next comment may be offensive to many on this board but. . . I've never been disappointed with Potbelly's. When I'm looking for a $4 sandwich, i don't know how you can beat it without making one yourself. Well, i guess some of those vietnamese shops have subs for fairly cheap-- they just love that French bread.

Would also mention Szechuan House on 8th St-- they totally revamped into some scary ultramodern asian-fusion place (new $$$ menu, too, oh, and I think they're now called Fusion Grille or something), but you can get the same old menu as takeout or for delivery (usually awesome crispy beef and chow fun)-- in my opinion second best chinese restaurant in DC. Hard to beat MeiWah, tho. For just a little bit more $ (and travel across town to M st NW), they are very reliable and delicious-- forget the name of the appetizer, but essentially tofu and raw garlic-- never had anything like it. Outside of DC, much Asian food to choose from. . . I hear Peking Gourmet in NoVa is the standard for peking duck.

Tune Inn on Penn has excellent mozzarella Stix, especially after drinking [infinity] beers there. Tunnicliffes also has a great kitchen.

best sushi? No contest: Yosaku-- take the Red Line to Tenleytown. it's well worth it. specialty rolls are quite unique and it's fairly reasonably priced. they also make a mean Osaka oyster and beef negimaki.

Pizza? nothing close to NYC. Prob best I've had in the city is Radius in Mt. Pleasant. Excellent sauce, but certainly not cheap. Big Gay Al's (everyone's affectionate name for Al's) is probably about as good as you're gonna do on the Hill. If not for the pizza, then at least for the wings.

Food on H St, NE, is still in the fetal stages. Crown Fried Chicken is the best i've had in town (just the chicken-- sides are a little rough), and of course Horace & Dickies is satisfying after a session at the Red&Black.

SW waterfront is good- but as someone mentioned, you should eat it while it's still hot (if you get prepared food), and that means either a quick drive home, or eat it down the river on a bench.

SE Hill also has a 5 Guys-- a completely overrated, but still halfway satisfying, burger, fries and peanuts. Everytime I go there, I so miss In-N-Out.

and speaking of california, better get used to one fact: there is no mexican food in DC. Sure, some Salvadoran places will try to market themselves as Mexican restaurants or taco shops, but just not the same. May as well go to baja fresh. I've found as good as any so-called taco shop in town.

Places to stay away from on the Hill: Armands (unless you're completely hungover and need to take advantage of their all-you-can eat $6.95 lunch), anything within 2 blocks of Armands (except for Bagels and Baguettes 2 doors down-- they're pretty good, oh, and that coffee shop next to Lounge 201- excellent stuff), burrito bros, hunan dynasty, banana cafe (a place where i've found being heterosexual will actually get you a substantially low level of service), 7-11 (yes, i know it's the only thing open after 3 a.m., but STAY AWAY), Kenny's BBQ (i know-- sacrilege. Their methods are good, but i've found the flavors/sauce lacking. . . best thing they have going are the sides), white tiger indian (may fall within the 2 blocks of Armands zone), La Loma (unless you really just want to sit outside and enjoy some drinks/snax-- the menu is fine, but, well, yeah-- i guess this one should come off the list. It's not great, but i can proudly say that at best, it doesn't suck), that mexican place a couple doors down from Tunnicliffes (they have a couple decent salvadoran dishes, but you gotta be real selective).

Oh, and there used to be a Crepe guy at eastern market-- made 'em from his cart. WEll worth the 10-15 minute line. think he's still around on weekends. . .