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Did FAB in Mt Kisco Close?

sounds like a big investment in a tough location head to head with social and lexington good luck

Westchester, near New Rochelle, excellent Chinese Take-out?

lum yen is the best sit down and take out

Station House - Bronxville

the station house in Bronxville ,i remember when it was the Milburn cafe that was a good place.

Decent Chinese in lower Westchester?

try lum yen in mamaroneck

Looking for a Westchester restauant that will allow a band for a private party

cabo white plains i had a great party there its a big place

Private room in S. Westchester for lunch w/ 40 ppl

sienna @ cabo is large space

Spillanes coming to Fleetwood?

yes i was talking about fleetwood

Spillanes coming to Fleetwood?

hey my friend the parking is a block away ,there is more underage kids in both the eastchester and mamaroneck sites then any place in westchester besides white plains the food is poor and its just a new pretty bar .You sound like a partner

Italian Rice Balls- Arancini

go and try it .

Italian Rice Balls- Arancini

lum yen in mamaaroneck has the best chinese in westchester period.

Spillanes coming to Fleetwood?

yea i live in fleetwood and did biz there i wasnt insulting fleetwood i was letting you know that they cater to a young borderline underage crowd and if you dont believe me go talk to the residents of mamaroneck and eastchester

Westchester County Restaurants with Private Dining (& room for a DJ!)

sienna in white plains has good food, as good if not better then the stated restaurants and two large rooms w/ a dj booth set up from the club that it is on weekends, it is a very nice space .i had a small event there in there upstairs area and was very pleased

Colonial Mansion in White Plains?

cabo/sienna in white plains on mamaroneck ave

Moderne Barn Rest. in Armonk?

its a diner a nice one but its a diner

looking to buy lamb shoulder

you want the roast or the whole forequarter?

BYOB around White Plain

ah come on dude lighten and your group are welcome at my house anytime, you can bring the booze and ill supply the food

BYOB around White Plain

its not .BYOB is normally for new places that have not gotten there permits selling liquor and beer is how 99% of them make there money as a matter of fact if they let you bring in wine they will charge a corking fee.

Don Juan, Pleasantville

i dont know ,but i know the guys that took over ciros on marble and there boss says there doin southwestern

Pistachio Grille? Harrison

forget it

F.I.S.H. in Port Chester closed due to "unforeseen circumstances"

exactly winston

SOMA is No More

its cabo night club fri and sat after 11 the do salsa on wed adult crowd .chef is from valbella
restaurant open tue -sun

Is Artuso's bakery coming to Mamaroneck?

not sure but acroos from cafe mozart towards post rd

Frankie & Fanucci’s-Hartsdale (ex-Lias's location)

hey joe exceeds all expectations your kiddin right that place is a glorified pizza hut

Is Artuso's bakery coming to Mamaroneck?


Is Peniche in White Plains still open?

it is 4 sale

Friend seeking Veal Parm in Northern Westchester

pizza veal is more time pork then veal and breaded with red sauce and mozz all you foodies could not tell the differance go to any italian restaurant and if the sauce is good chances are so is the vael parm

Westchester Bridal Shower Help

charlie browns?your messin with us right?

Best Mussels

best mussels ,how do you like them ? in a red sause try an italian rest in west u have a bunch but i would try scaramellas,in dobbs there is a small place in ardsley on the main drag across from the bagel place thats good,giannas in yonkers ,enzos in mamaroneck ,sienna in white plains,

Cheap eats in Dobbs Ferry/ Hastings/irvington

doubledays in dobbs

Westchester Bridal Shower Help

marge x20 is not the only rest in yonkers its good but there are other places besides that it seems everybody on this site is X20,Tarrylodge in yonkers there is Zuppa,the dolphin,giannas,louie and johnnys,spiratosos,all have good food and im sure they will work with u hastings has some places also.dont mind my spelling or grammer ,im a moron .