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Most Overrated Dishes

I'm with you, KaimukiMan! And the next-worst is a very well-aged feta cheese. I know when something doesn't taste good.

Sep 11, 2009
genmam in General Topics

100 Days in the White House: A Garden Menu

Whew! My heart is pounding at my chest, and I'm not having any fun. I, too, have strong political views, based upon the footsteps of my ancestors. I, too, am partisan, and am very well schooled in our nation's history, and the actions of other nations which led to our wish for a better world. I am very sad that Chow chose to introduce this thread with such a thinly-veiled tongue in his cheek. .I'm sso stupid, I side with Radfem.

Aug 08, 2009
genmam in Features

Tomato-Basil Arancini

The arancini are very tempting, however I am needing to avoid some of the fat in this recipe. Though I would very much enjoy it, as is, I will substitute with a lower-fat Asiago and a lower-fat type of Mozarella cheese, maybe throw a little dry-curd ricotta cheese into the mix. I will use half the amount of wine and increase chicken broth to reach sufficient liquid measure. I will add freshly-pressed raw garlic (if it's Italian, it must contain garlic!), and I will experiment with a reduction in number of egg yolks, while increasing the whites. Finally, I will be very careful to assure the fat is at a temperature high enough to deep-fry, but not tend to be overly-absorbed by the coating. These change will allow me to enjoy anancini while tending to the needs of a senior citizen.

But, thanks for your very tempting recipe that has described ingredients and techniques that I will be able to adapt to my needs, and maybe enjoy it as much as you youngsters will by yours!

Aug 08, 2009
genmam in Recipes