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Coffee & Dessert In Stratford?

I am looking for a cozy, comfortable place for coffee and dessert in Stratford. Four of us will be seeing a play, and we would like to have a nice dessert before the show. We will be arriving for dessert around 6:30pm this Saturday. We would like a relaxed cafe type atmosphere with GOOD, freshly baked desserts! Cherry Pie / Apple Pie, squares, etc. We prefer lighter desserts (e.g. fruit based pies, flans and tarts) rather than heavy/creamy selections like cheesecake. Any ideas?


Jul 02, 2009
nerase in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Craving Nanaimo Bars

I have been craving Nanaimo bars for the past few weeks. Both the regular kind and/or mint.
One or two will do, but they must be bakery fresh! Where can I find these? I realize that there are places where you can buy large trays ... but I'm just looking for a little treat. I couldn't trust myself around a tray of them!


Ideally, I'm looking for somewhere mid-town and TTC accessible (via subway, if possible)


Jun 14, 2009
nerase in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

special anniversary dinner -- rec's?

Hi all,

This weekend we will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary. My parents' anniversary is the following weekend, so we all decided to go out to dinner together. I've been trying to think of a nice place for this, but it is clear that I need some help from those who have more knowledge about good restaurants. Chowhounds, I need your recommendations for a restaurant appropriate for this special occasion!

Here are our (many, I know) stipulations:

-Ideally, mid priced entrees (20$?), but are willing to pay more if necessary
-a place that is not too noisy (so we can enjoy our conversation)
-comfortable seating (read: tables not crammed together cheek by jowl)
-an upscale atmosphere, but NOT stiff or stuffy or service that is too fussy
-menu MUST have interesting options for vegetarians, as my husband and myself are veggie (my parents are not). By "interesting", I mean something better than a simple tomato pasta that is thrown together as an afterthought (like many non-veggie restaurants tend to do)
-flavorful (spicy, even, if possible) food, but NO foie gras or similar heavy, creamy French-style foods
-a nice view would be wonderful, but isn't imperative

Any ideas?? I'm desperate....

Jul 01, 2008
nerase in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Anniversary Dinner -- Please Help

Hi all,

We will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary, this weekend (Saturday July 7th). My parents will also be celebrating their (33rd) wedding anniversary too. Their actual anniversary is a few days before ours, but we all decided to celebrate together, and have a nice dinner. Our original plans for dinner (we made reservations at a restaurant in another city) have fallen through, due to unforseen circumstances. Now i'm a bit frantic, because we have to start from scratch, and I only have a short time to figure out where we should go!!

Here is my problem: My parents are not vegetarian -- but we (my husband and myself) are. We would like to have a special meal that everyone can enjoy, but this will be difficult, due to our vegetarianism!

We would like to choose a restaurant that has a special atmosphere and great food. We don't want to go somewhere stiff and formal where the servers have attitude -- but we DO want an experience that is a bit more special than a regular meal out. We also don't want to go somewhere too trendy (we'd prefer a more classic place). We'd like to be able to linger over our meal and enjoy good conversation-- so this also rules out the hotspots where the goal is to turn over tables as quickly as possible. We also would prefer not to go to a restaurant where the tables are crammed together, cheek by jowl -- we'd like a little breathing room. We like spicy, flavourful and somewhat creative food (my parents are from Barbados). We don't like heavy, creamy, pretentious foods (French food / heavy white sauces, Fois Gras, truffles, etc.)

The location of the restaurant doesn't matter. We can do downtown / uptown / just outside of town ... whatever. We are looking in the mid priced range (20-25$ entrees) -- but we'd be willing to spend a bit more, if the restaurant meets our criteria. Also, we don't want to go somewhere where the vegetarian option is just a pasta dish. BORING! We've been there and done that -- it's a special occasion, we want something better.

Where should we go? I'm totally at a loss. Please help, chowhounds.

Edited to add:
I forgot to mention, we'd prefer to go somewhere that would not require overly formal clothing (no evening gowns & stiff suits!). Ideally, the hosts at our location would welcome us in nice dress clothes (a nice skirt for me, and dress pants/nice dress shirt for my husband).

Jul 05, 2007
nerase in Ontario (inc. Toronto)