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Sabrett Hot Dog Stand in Clairmont

I enjoyed the Sabretts dogs here on several stops, but the last two times I came by, the stand was nowhere to be seen. Tough times I guess.

Mar 07, 2011
Unnamed Source in San Diego

Best Asian/seafood buffet in San Gabriel Valley

I have guests coming into town and want to take them to a Asian style seafood buffet in the San Gabriel Valley area. I have heard there are some good ones, but I need some help please.

Mexican Coke and Beyond

I have purchased Mexican Coke from my local Costco. They don't carry it constantly, but it does show up there from time to time.

Taco Task Force: The Best Birria de Chivo in Los Angeles, America's Goat Central

Excellent work. Next, how about a trek to run down the best birria de borrego (lamb)?

lunch buffet in Little India

Having tried many of the Indian buffets in and around SoCal, I was pleasantly suprised at a recent visit to Manohar's Delhi Palace in LaPuente. The restaurant is located in a run-down strip mall, but don't let the outward appearance scare you. The food was some of the best Indian buffet fare I have thus found, and the interior decor was as nice as the exterior was not. An attentive wait staff and reasonable pricing all contribute to a return visit soon.

Manohar's Delhi Palace
581 S Azusa Way
LaPuente, CA 91744

The Ultimate Guide to Peppers

Another variety I prefer is the Ancho. Fairly hot, but not on the level of a Habanero. About a 3 or so on the heat scale.

Sep 04, 2009
Unnamed Source in Features

the Dal Rae Restaurant in Pico Rivera

My experience with the Pico Rivera Dal Rae has been inconsistent overall. You never know how the food and service will turn out. Years ago I frequented the now gone Dal Rae on Harbor Blvd in Fullerton. Much better food, much better service. Too bad it
is not replicated in Pico Rivera.

Natural Casing Hot Dogs at Grocery Store?

I regularly buy Nathan's natural casing dogs at the local Albertson's. They have a nice snap to them when you bite down and taste great. I wish they were a bit thicker, as the diameter is smaller than Nathan's skinless variety.

LA Pizza; But what about Orange County ???

I like Sonny's in San Clemente as well. Rocco's in Mission Viejo at the Kaliedescope Center has some very tasty gourmet pizzas. I especially like their white pizza, and the chicken and garlic style. Their crust is a bit bland for me though.

Bristol Farm Bakery Treats?

Used to be a reular at the Bristol Farms bakery in Mission Viejo. After they closed up and abandoned south OC, I haven't been able to hit any of the other locations. The cupcakes as others have mentioned are very good and most of the pastries and breads are of likewise quality.

A The Counter is opening in Costa Mesa-

I agree about the potential to make 17th St into a nice destination. You already have two great eateries in Plum's Cafe and The Omlette Parlor. Start from there and GO!

Best Breakfast in Orange County.

I'll help out with a South OC joint. Paul's Pantry on Crown Valley east of I-5 in Mission Viejo. Their pancakes are the best I've had around here, better than OPH and IHOP.
They also make a great plate of hash and eggs. Received a nice write-up in the OC Register a while back. Open from 7AM-2PM. Reasonable prices, attentive staff, old-time diner atmosphere with booths or individual stools at the counter.

LA Pizza; But what about Orange County ???

I have always loved Numero Uno since the seventies. Their slightly sweet thick-crust is my all-time favorite. This once prolific chain has been dwindling in recent years and is on life support here. There used to be several locations in the OC, but the only one still open is in a strip mall on Adams at Magnolia in Huntington Beach. They have a larger presence in the SFV and around greater LA.