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Painful!!! Charged $100 for missing my restaurant reservation......

If you give a number for a reservation and you blatantly don't show up, of course you will be charged. That's exactly why they ask for a credit card number. Be it a party of one or 6, the restaurant can't fill that seat at the last minute and loses money.

Aug 14, 2010
marcodolas in Not About Food

Beef on Weck in Portland?

D'OH! That sandwich was so freakin good.
I have some webers condiments in my fridge if you want some!

Beef on Weck in Portland?

I think 158 in South Portland has Beef on Weck,

Miyake's-What's With $25 pp Minimum?

This is pretty typical in bigger city restaurants with minimal seating. Masa is merely watching his bottom line. In fact, I'm sure most restaurants would love to have this rule.

Portland in the NY Times

Probably because they want to recognize the new guard. Fore Street and Hugos don't need any more attention