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Breakfast in So. Westchester - Larchmont, Pelham, New Rochelle, Bronxville, Mt. Vernon?

The bagel place on Gramatan in Fleetwood is also awesome, though they don't really fulfill the rest of your requirements.

Cheese store coming to downtown Bronxville

Nah, I was also luckily enough to hear the owner talking about it — should've asked for details… but yes, very useful.

Cheese store coming to downtown Bronxville

Pondefield between Park and Tanglewylde.

Cheese store coming to downtown Bronxville

Anyone know anything about the cheese store that appears to be moving into a shop on Pondfield Rd. in Bronxville? Last time I walked past the building (forgot the number), there was a printer-paper sheet of a mouse with the words "Could it be true?" on it. Is there a timeline? I would love to see a good cheese market there.

Cafes with WiFi in lower Westchester?

Oh, and also Starbucks is giving two free hours a day now — and I think I have seen some that are also serviced by an Optimum wifi hotspot, which I think they give out free to their home subscribers, not fully sure though.

Cafes with WiFi in lower Westchester?

In Fleetwood the Deli Cafe on the corner of Gramatan and Grand has fast, strong wifi, but the place is only open from 6 a.m- 5 p.m. (closes earlier on the weekend) — not sure what hours you are looking for. There is also a place on Grand and Fleetwood Ave (forgot the name) that has a little sign in the window that advertises Free WiFi, but I'm not sure how comfortable it would be to work from.

Organic produce in lower Westchester

Thanks, I'll check out Fresh N' Natural tomorrow, I was headed up to Scarsdale anyway.

Oh, and I did see the other thread, but I was more asking about grocery stores and markets not farmers' market.

Organic produce in lower Westchester

Yea, I should have mentioned — I've made that trek a few times, it's not bad other than navigating around The Westchester. I was really just wondering if there is a less obvious treasure I'm missing.

Organic produce in lower Westchester

Does anyone know of a good place to purchase organic produce in lower Westchester? The Village Natural Market in Bronxville has a bit, but often their offerings are quite sad (wilted and all), and a few of the small produce stands carry some stuff, but it's scattered.

Failing that, are there any grocery stores or markets with quality produce easily accessible from Metro North's Harlem line?

Bronxville Fish Market, specifically, Fleetwood/Bronxville generally

I just moved to the area, and of course have been pouring over Chowhound to learn about local culinary treasures. I didn't, however, see any mention of the Bronxville Fish Market (tiny store, near A&P, with a cute sign saying something like "Eat Fish, It's Good For You" in the window). I'm carless and looking for a good place to purchase fish, as it's one of those things I don't like to store very long. Any opinions on the shop or recommendations for other good places for seafood (especially mussels, scallops, and non-China-produced shrimp?)

Also I wondering if anyone has tried Ristorante Buona Sera on Gramatan in Fleetwood? I had a nice dinner there the other day. Oh, and shoot, three more: Organic produce is a trek, right?; where can good Italian/French bread be found; and is the best mass transit to Arthur Ave. Metro North to Fordham?

Much thanks.