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Best Wineries in Sonoma County

Papapietro Perry has lovely staff, but their PNoir does not match others on your list.

Best Wineries in Sonoma County

Unti--not worth the time. Staff was almost asleep and the wine is mehhh.
Lancaster! Don't miss it! Follow with Jordan and you will have a wonderful day!
Merry Edwards has a lovely Sav Blanc even though they are known for PNoir.

Dinner @ LaV.

My husband and I attended a wine paring dinner (Clos Dubreuil) here last week and loved it. The setting, the presentation, the food were all top notch. We will be going soon to try the menu.

Jul 01, 2014
mccarty in Austin

5 Days in the 3rd (split thread)

This is off topic, but looking for your input, canadiangirl_in_Paris! Will be spending 5 days in the 3rd and I saw you were located there. I'm looking for some local input on what is done very well in the 'hood---your favorite spots for anything. When we get hungry, we usually follow the locals! Any info you have time to share would be great! Thank you in advance! Teresa

Aug 18, 2012
mccarty in France

Best overall food neighboorhood in Paris

Wow. I feel so left out! We will be in Paris in June with our three youngest (19,17,15) and are staying in an apt. in the 8eme! Seems like I landed in the only non-foodie spot. Bummer! So, I guess we need a metro pass and some gorgeous new walking shoes!

I have spent time on this board trying to develop a list of possible eateries and confess to being quite overwhelmed. I wonder if I gave you my criteria, if you might not lend me your brain power and experience? So, read on if you desire to help this momma show her kiddos some of Paris even though we are staying in the 8eme!

Our family loves to eat! We eat everything! We love to eat where the locales eat---usually follow people to see where they are going, but not in a creepy way! We have had some of our greatest meals in the outwardly looking hole-in wall places. #1 priority is high quality to cost ratio. This could go either expensive or not, but since we are traveling with 5 adult appetites, let us err to the not expensive side--under 20 euro for lunch and 40 for dinner. Prefer casual dining to fussy.
Love good food---love adventurous eating---love neighborhood joints.

While I can afford to eat wherever I choose, I want our children to see that you don't have to spend a lot to get a lot. Value of a dollar/euro....

Please help me out. This Chowhound board has never let me the pressure is on!

Mar 09, 2011
mccarty in France

Rec for Dinner for Post ANC Burial for 20+

My father is to be buried on 12/17/09 at ANC with full military honors. We are coming from all over the US and need your help to find a comfortable dinner locale for our party. Value is important, location as well. Not too much effort to get to from the Cemetery. This board has never let me down! I need help!

Pizza near the Four Seasons on east Delaware

Arriving after 9pm on Friday 10/9 and want to grab pizza with my daughters, 17 and 13. Can you help me find a place near our hotel?

Sep 05, 2009
mccarty in Chicago Area