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Cambridge's Best

I do know about Craigies change of locale, thank you. Looking for great eats in the area. How is Chez Henri? Sushi places? Great ethnic? Thanks all!

Cambridge's Best

Am going to Craigie St on Sunday and wondering where to go/what's open in the Harvard Sq area on Monday?

16th Birthday Dinner-Providence Area

Thank you Bluebird, will do!

16th Birthday Dinner-Providence Area

My son's 16th-and yes, he's a foodie. If we're just a small group, I'll take him to Persimmon in Bristol. But if the numbers grow and I'm not approved for a 2nd mortgage, I could use ideas. I'm thinking Haruki or Rasoi, but some may be squeamish. Have been to the Melting Pot, but wasn't impressed. Oh, and we need to be able to bring in a fudgy the whale cake(if they even still make those)!

Boathouse in Tiverton?

I have to agree with jck-went the other night and had the same experience. The worst part-the fish entrees tasted old. The tuna was really odd-served on a bed of pasta that had no relation to the dish. But the setting is spectacular. I'd go back for apps and drinks just for the setting.

RI Romantic bay view dinner

Persimmon is a wonderful restaurant, but you won't get out of there for $50 per person. Even if you order moderately.