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Wine Guide in Barcelona

Thanks a bunch Shannon. This really helps out.

Aug 26, 2010
DC_Dabbler in Spain/Portugal

Wine Guide in Barcelona

Looking for a wine tour guide around Catalunya who could take my wife and me around to some local wineries. We wanted some who knows the area and definitely wanted to try the local varietals.

Here are details about what I'm looking for:

Date: Monday, Sept 20
Amount to spend: Appx 200 €
# of wineries: 3 - 4
Please Provide Transportation
English Speaking is Preferred

Let me know if you have any good recommendations or someone I could talk to.

Aug 22, 2010
DC_Dabbler in Spain/Portugal

Any place like Mini Bar?

Thanks so much. I'll give Table 21 a shot with the expectation that techniques might be similar, but approaches are different. Aren't Bryan and his brother both on the next season of Top Chef? Should be interesting...

Any place like Mini Bar?

I'm looking for a place in DC that incorporates similar cooking techniques to Mini Bar. It's close to impossible to find a reservation there and I know Andres' proteges must be elsewhere in the city.

Does anyone know another place to go?