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Anybody sell REAL double cream?

So I have done this by accident...I left a pint of the Highlawn Heavy cream in the coldest part of the fridge for....waaaaay (like 2 months) past the expiration date. I went to chuck it but opened it and took a sniff and it was sweet! and about half of it had turned into this thick creamy stuff that I can only assume is what you are speaking of. I have noted the teaspoon to perhaps a tablespoon of the stuff when I do use it on time but this time it was like half the cream turned into this sweet thick cream, like sour cream but not sour. At. All. I can't strongly recommend it, but for those who are not adverse to ignoring exp dates and going with their nose it is something to try. Just takes a lot of patience or a forgetful memory.

Best Boston restaurants that are also great for kids

we have an almost 4 year old and live in the south end. places we have had regular, good success at are:
El Centro (yes gets varied reviews here sometimes, but we love it)
Stella - esp if you can sit on the patio in nice weather - the menu has been the same for a long time but generally i find it well executed.
the gallows - they are incredibly accommodating to kids
barcelona - also very gracious
Merril and co - ditto on the patio and there is a small park around the corner too

places we have had good experiences at but don't go as often
eastern standard and island creek oyster

for the most part we can go most places (one child is different than three) at this point but I would advise against generally quiet places - the buttery downstairs for dinner comes to mind as a place that they were super nice to us but the intermittent giggles of a child was definitely out of place.

if you can get in the absolutely first seating at toro it also isn't a bad place either with kids - sounds crazy but we've done it a couple times, on a friday no less.

try and hit a place before 6:30 during the week and 5:30 during fri/sat, that makes a big difference too.

good luck!

Restaurant for a smallish post wedding dinner - 4 children included

She hasn't set a *firm* budget. Let's say, more than $30pp and less than $250 pp. I think if she found a place that she loved, the budget could be somewhat flexible because no matter what, getting married at city hall is cheaper than a wedding-wedding.
I'll put Absinthe and M. Benjamin on the list for her to review.

Are there any highly recommended vegetarian entrees in the Greater Boston area?

haven't been in about a year but Journeyman used to have a great veg tasting menu

Restaurant for a smallish post wedding dinner - 4 children included

Hello all hounds,
I have a dear friend who is getting married in the upcoming months. She has not really used this site and asked me to help out.

This is a second marriage for both her and her soon to be husband and between the two of them there are 4 children ages range 10-3 years. They have decided on an SF city hall wedding and are looking for a restaurant to celebrate after.

Near city hall is not necessary but SF proper would be nice. Valet or "easy" parking a must since they will all be driving.

It will probably be the 6 of them plus a couple of parents/friends - imagining a total of 10-12 pp max - i.e. not enough for a private room or renting out the entire restaurant in the majority of options I'm guessing.

I imagine the type of food they want would be more along the line of french/cal-ital etc…not so much thai/chinese/mexican or any other of the wonderful ethnic options Sf has to offer for this particular occasion.

Price shouldn't be exorbitant but since they are not spending much on the wedding itself it can lend itself to something special.

I think the biggest challenge is finding a warm, intimate feeling place with excellent food that they could celebrate at - with 4 kids in tow of whom there can be varying degrees of cooperation on any given day. Since this is their wedding and a big part is the joining of the kids it isn't optional to NOT have them there. They need a place where other diners won't feel annoyed or disrupted, the service is great and accommodating but still feels special enough for them to commemorate the *new* family. I haven't lived in SFBay in 15 years but visit frequently and I can't really think of a place that fits the bill.

Hoping the experts can help!

Best Paella in San Francisco/Oakland?

+1 on both Barlata and B44

Grotto's Fried Clam Raviolis - circa the early 80's

Does anyone remember these? The Grotto was a restaurant in Jack London Square for many decades. Closed in 1990. I remember many a family dinner there as a child and the thing that still sticks in my memory is the fried clam ravioli appetizer. If I recall it was a wonton type wrapper with a filling that wasn't particularly "clammy" but did have some greenish component and a breadish component. It was topped with a fine shower of parmesean cheese and had a tomato-y dipping sauce. I would love to be able to recreate this at home, but I'm afraid my memory is somewhat hazy on details and not sure where to start. If anyone out there has any good ideas and remembers these, please post! And I will freely admit these may be the tastebuds of a 6 year old's so my memory's desire for them may supercede reality in the event the description sounds gross to some.

2 adults one 3 year old. One dinner in QC on a Sunday - suggestions?

We are going to be up in QC for a weekend in june for a wedding. Coming from boston, driving so we will have a car
Friday, saturday nights are taken with wedding festivities but sunday is open for a family dinner.

I am looking for a bistro type place that isn't terribly expensive (looking for entrees to be $30 or less) nor multiple tasting courses/crazy experimental. French is strongly preferred.

We will have our three year old son with us. He is generally great at restaurants and we eat out frequently at home usually once a week in restaurants but he is still a child, so we are not looking for a quiet romantic spot for couples. We also aren't looking for burgers and such.

Places that look interesting based on chow recs on the boards
La Gueule de Bois
Clocher Penache
Bouchon Quebec

But I can't really glean from the websites and discussions on the board if these meet criteria or not.
Bonus would be within a 10 minute walk from Chateau Frontenac which is where we will be staying - I realize that at least one of those restaurants above is closer to 30 minutes - not the end of the world. And for something really special we can always drive.

Restaurants we have taken him to with good success in Boston include The Buttery, El Centro, Stella, Island Creek Oyster, The Gallows if that helps anyone out there with ideas for us!

The only other thing I know I want to do is hit Paillard for some croissants, however, dinner on sunday is the area I'm most interested in suggestions.

Thanks in advance everyone!

I'm sorry...I think I jumped the dining shark

The Commis comparison is interesting. I had eaten there a year and a half ago and I felt very different about the experience that I was invigorated and there were so many new taste experiences to be had and discover...part of me wonders if it was the subconcious (or not) sense of good "value" too, because as far as tasting menus are concerned it was significantly less cost than AC. I think there was also some mild distraction too with people sitting around us "pornifying" the food or even worse, the person who was dutifully taking notes like she was in an organic chemistry lab. They weren't doing anything wrong and I wasn't offended at the time (or now even) but in retrospect that does have an effect on my dining experience too. This thread feels like therapy but is also really interesting to me to read! I appreciate everyone's input and point of view.

I'm sorry...I think I jumped the dining shark

thanks everyone, it's good to know I'm not alone both from a burnout standpoint and even from an AC experience standpoint. I did compensate by eating cheesy enchiladas at La Penca Azul in alameda (my hometown favorite) and a lot of sushi at Angelfish (my other hometown favorite) the subsequent nights. Both of which were deeply satisfying. I think I will just take a break from the high end tasting menus and see if I reset after awhile. I'm sure DH will appreciate this on our bank account.

I'm sorry...I think I jumped the dining shark

Maybe it was the day, maybe I was tired of eating out after being on vacation for 10 days already (*sob I know*) but I had the tasting menu at atelier crenn last week and I felt...sad at the end. The food wasn't bad. The service was lovely. The chef was charming and kind of like an approachable rock star. But nearly every course of the 14 courses felt hollow. They described everything very nicely and I would put a salty/fatty/sweet something in my mouth and have no idea what I was actually supposed to be eating. For the most part. There were a couple of dishes that I felt like I understood - the "onion soup" part. This isn't my first tasting menu experience. I've eaten at Per Se in new york, french laundry a long time ago, gary danko... but this is the first time I felt this way. Not sure if it was me or the restaurant. It wasn't that I was hungry at the end, far from it, but I was far from sated emotionally. I'm wondering if it was me so this might be the last time in a long while that I drop that amount of money on that kind of experience. Has anyone else felt that way? perhaps this belongs in general topics instead, but I put it here if anyone feels the same about the restaurant as it depresses me to think it was me instead. All of the reviews I found here and the michelin star indicate it may be me but perhaps I am not alone?

Seatac to vancouver need one lunch rec, have a 2 year old in tow

So we went to blueacre and it was perfect and delicious. Even found parking on the street right in front. Shared crabcake app with DH, had smoked salmon hash - a bit salty and heavy for me after the crabcake but glad I ordered it. Just wished I could have eaten more! Hubby got the salmon with smoked almonds, cherries and brown butter and that was even better. Would have gotten that myself but it seemed a shame to not try more. Chowpup...well he isn't so much a chow pup for now, still working on it, but they were so kind and made a nice little scrambled egg and cheese dish for him that he loved. Most surprising, or maybe not because it was Seattle, but the simple cup of coffee I had was one of the best I have had in a long time. I couldn't even say exactly what made it so good, the waitress just shrugged and said, "hey it's seattle!" I guess so! All in all, a perfect fit for what I was looking for. Thanks everyone who helped out!

Seatac to vancouver need one lunch rec, have a 2 year old in tow

I think it will be Blueacre - after looking at the menu I can't stop thinking about dungeness crab and wild salmon at those prices. Boston's parking is really stinky so I think we can manage. Will report back! thanks everyone!!!

Sep 18, 2013
kayowinter in Greater Seattle

Seatac to vancouver need one lunch rec, have a 2 year old in tow

probably not more than 15 minutes (less preferred) off our track. I know this probably seriously limits us but I don't want to get too distracted which would be easy and then get stuck at the border for 2 hours on top of it!

Sep 18, 2013
kayowinter in Greater Seattle

Seatac to vancouver need one lunch rec, have a 2 year old in tow

Thanks for these recs! I will definitely look into the aussie pie co those can be delicious!...another one I found that another poster had recommended in a different thread is Blueacre...any thoughts good bad or otherwise on that one? It's north just of I-5 and not too too far away it seems, at least by Google maps.

Sep 18, 2013
kayowinter in Greater Seattle

Seatac to vancouver need one lunch rec, have a 2 year old in tow

I'm flying into SeaTac from Boston in 2 weeks with my husband and 2 year old son. The plan is to arrive 11am, grab a rental car and start north to Vancouver with the goal of arriving in Vancouver by dinner time(rationale for this method to getting there is long and boring and not particularly relevent, but currently set in stone)
For us it will feel late for lunch and we will be hungry - is there a place that is worth a stop nearby or on the way north as we make our way to Vancouver? I doubt we would make it for a couple of hours without something real in our bellies. I have found Copperleaf and ElliotBay Brewing as possibilites based on searches on Chowhound, but I can't say they fire my rockets based on what I saw on their websites. Also not sure if copperleaf would be appropriate with our son. He is generally good and we take him out often for dinners but usually only to somewhat noisy places.
If there isn't something really worth it that won't detour us by several hours (like the Pike place market) we will likely end up at elliot bay I think...thoughts? thanks so much for any advice in advance.

Sep 16, 2013
kayowinter in Greater Seattle

Kouign Amann Anyone? A Breton Delice Richer than Croissants!

I had one yesterday at the SE Flour - it's called a "breton butter cake" there.
It's good but not as good in comparison to one I had in SF from Starter bakery last week while I was on vacation.

What a find! 2nd printing of Old Mr. Boston Guide

I guess that's why I never noticed the products! Didn't even know they were still made, I thought the original factory was closed down many years ago. Thanks!

May 11, 2010
kayowinter in Spirits

What a find! 2nd printing of Old Mr. Boston Guide

Was at Rodney's in Cambridge - they are closing, everything is 50% off and found a 1935 copy of this in excellent condition for only $11! Anyone know about the brand Old Mr. Boston for liquors? there are a bunch of recipes and some ads in the middle of the book for Old Mr. Boston products. Would Brizard Apry be close in theory to the OMB apricot perhaps?

May 10, 2010
kayowinter in Spirits

Bachelorette Party - Sonoma

I think Girl and the Fig would be a lovely al fresco afternoon lunch for 10 ladies. It's in teh same square as EDK mentioned above.

Waffle day - what's your favourite waffle topping?

The one that always brings back warm childhood memories for me is cream cheese, orange marmalade and a little sprinkle of powdered sugar. This was how my dad always ate his waffles and I liked taking a bite of his mixed in w/ my maple and butter. I do this occasionally still but skip the sugar - only needed for nostalgia not taste for me. Swedish Fish - what did you do for IWD?

Apr 02, 2010
kayowinter in General Topics

3 Quick Wine Country Questions...promise they are quick! :-)

There is Ridge Lytton springs in Healdsburg which is the "wine country" (OP didn't specify napa) outpost of ridge (haven't been to the one in santa cruz mountains which is their flagship and most of the cab is grown I think) I could be wrong but it seemed like most of the wines were available for tasting at Lytton springs and were very, very good. Some of the best and most balanced zins available and my guess is the one people say you should go to. Never tried Pine Ridge but I whole heartedly recommend Ridge at Lytton Springs

Visiting from Boston one weekend in may - suggestions needed

just made my reservations for the night we come in - will definitely post a review.
Im thinking super cocina for now, but will talk to DH - he likes to be near the water - any good enough mexican near water to make him happy? (he's less picky than me)

Mar 29, 2010
kayowinter in San Diego

Visiting from Boston one weekend in may - suggestions needed

Those sound great! Cucina Urbana sounds like something we will definitely check out. We live in the South End - lots of great food but fancier than we would like for regular nights out.

Mar 29, 2010
kayowinter in San Diego

Visiting from Boston one weekend in may - suggestions needed

My DH and I are going to be spending the memorial day weekend in SD from Boston. Sat night is taken by an engagement party but late dining friday, break/lunch sat, all day sunday and breakfast monday are open! Staying in La Jolla area, will have a car. I've been to Chino Farms once and plan on going back. Other than that we need help! Moderate pricing (or cheap even) would be key. The thing we miss the most is good mexican food here on the east coast so suggestions for that would be great. Seafood is a pass for us since we can get lobster etc..pretty easily. Thanks for any help!!

Mar 28, 2010
kayowinter in San Diego

Bombay Club

I have to comment, I ate here a couple weeks ago at the lunch buffet and their saag was...weird. Actually pretty gross, not just weird. I think they had pureed broccoli into it which made it develop this very, very bitter medicinal undertone. I usually love saag, but this was yech. *shivers*

What are you making right now?

Ruhlman's olive oil duck confit legs with caramelized cranberry chutney and salad. Made up an appetizer of chive ricotta stuffed dates roasted in bacon fat. Smells good so far, not sure how it will turn out.

Nov 01, 2009
kayowinter in Home Cooking

Pancakes or Crackcakes?

growing up Bisquick was my mom's go to for pancakes - Morinaga is nothing like a Bisquick 'cake. The irony mom is japanese!

Nov 01, 2009
kayowinter in General Topics

Pancakes or Crackcakes?

I found a box of this at Hmart in Burlington and decided to try them based on this thread that I had read before. I looked at all the links and I agree - not sure what the deal is with the wet towel and the pan then returning to the stove, I suspect it is the Japanese way of testing if things are the right temp. After a couple of trial runs I figured that with my gas stove on med low flame and 3/4 cup batter in a nonstick pan, flip once then cover the pan with a lid (not smash the face of the pancake like the humor link) yielded a very, very high light and fluffy pancake. Almost unnaturally so. No one has posted what is supposedly in these so on my box there was an english translation of ingredients that were as follows:
wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, wheat starch, salt, corn syrup, baking powder, (corn starch, calcium sulfate, calcium acid sulfate) as emulsifier (soybean origin), sodium caseinate, artificial flavor, riboflavin.
That is verbatim. There are also packets of syrup that amount to glucose/sugar/cornsyrup and caramel coloring that I didn't try.
These are very weird but very delicious and I've decided I don't know what magic/chemicals make them this way but I want more!

Oct 31, 2009
kayowinter in General Topics

After dinner drinks in the South End?

For a group of 6 28 degrees would probably have the best mix of comfort (many large tables geared toward drinks and conversation - they have snacks but I wouldn't call that their forte) and a very cool vibe. I think they make excellent drinks. Everywhere else is really a restaurant with a bar and consequently will mean 6 of you will be standing awkwardly at a very crowded bar - maybe not even together as some of those places can get so crowded. If it was more like two or three people, then I love most of the places MC S JB listed except Stephis (for political reasons, the food/drink is actually ok) Agree with poster below red fez is NOT worthwhile. Stella would be the biggest "scene" I think if that's what you're looking for in SE w/ pretty good cocktails but loud and crowded as mentioned above.