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Winnipeg -- Downtown Dinner and Breakfast Recommendations

I was just looking at this website
Remembered this thread on chowhound and thought the breakfast site might be of some use to you.

Aug 08, 2009
riglin in Prairie Provinces

Winnipeg Burgers

Daly Burger on Corydon is good, but used to be better. I think Superboys is my favourite. (But the VJs burger is as tasty to me, however, they have no onion-rings.) Non-Winnipeggers who like burgers should know that these are the kind of deluxe, freshly made patties, chilli on top burgers that you pay ten bucks for in some retro themed restaurant that people rave about. Here it is standard fare, available everywhere, and cheap.

Aug 06, 2007
riglin in Prairie Provinces

My parents are visiting Vancouver from the midwest...

For dessert - La Casa Gelati at Venables and Glen. 200+ flavours. Best in the city!