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lime juice

i have a plethora of fresh lime juice. i have already made key lime pie and sorbet. any


Jun 30, 2008
WNCfoodie in Home Cooking

jacksonville restaurant for private event

i am looking for a restaurant to hold a private event (wedding reception) this September. Any suggestions???

Jun 10, 2008
WNCfoodie in Florida

Jacksonville good eats

"Chew" downtown on Adams street. great for both Lunch and dinner.

Mar 24, 2008
WNCfoodie in Florida

Dinner in Asheville

bouchon closes up pretty early.

Jax. quiet place for drinks??

I am searching for a quiet place for drinks on a friday night in Jax. Preferably riverside/avondale/downtown area. No sports bars please.....

Mar 13, 2008
WNCfoodie in Florida

Asheville Two Questions

Jack of the wood, Vigne (kobe beef...cooked to order), Table
Lobster Trap is decent for oysters at the bar, Blue Water seafood in Hendersonville is launching a new menu this week which I hear is quite promising

Asheville - The Green Sage is open!

Tried this place for brunch. They still have plenty of kinks to work out. There was no service. Zero. After we ordered, and our food was brought out we never saw anyone again. I had to go find someone to ask for butter and jam for my toast. We were never asked if we needed anything, or how anything was. I had ordered a vegi omlette, and it arrived with sausage. My SO omlette lacked cheese. Luckily I am not a vegetarian, or I would have been pretty upset. The food did TASTE good though, and the fresh squeezed juices are yummy ( if not a tad overpriced). The menu is quite large for the "order at the counter and sit down concept" with no where to really stand and check it out, a line forms quickly. I hope they work out the service issues. Even as we left the building, no service in the dining room. Dirty plates on several tables, ect. The food was good though, so i will give them another shot.

Asheville for Bachelorette-Weekend Dinner

I would look into Vigne, seems like it would be a fun place to celebrate, and the food is great. Limones has some of the best margaritas ever, and good food to boot as another option. (I would suggest making reservations prior to the day of for a party of 11)

downtown Knoxville, Sunday night

any suggestions for dinner on a sunday night in Knoxville. We are staying at the Hilton downtown and going to a show. Wide open for suggestions, just want great food!

Asheville: XPress writer Hannah Rachel Raskin [Moved from South board]

couldn't agree more with the above comments. What is it about AIR that the express feels it has to appease?

Feb 18, 2008
WNCfoodie in Food Media & News

Best steak / steakhouse in Asheville

I remember that review...thick with everything but the food.

Best steak / steakhouse in Asheville

there is a new steakhouse coming downtown to the location of the old S&W building, called "steak and wine" not sure when it is slated to open, but every time I walk by the construction is well underway. Not sure what the atmosphere is going to be like though. i have had ( well my SO actually) consistently good steak from Vigne. While they are not a steakhouse, and only offer I cut ( I think), he did remark that it was the best steak he had in years. However, not sure if the sides are what you were looking for.

Chapel Hill to Jacksonville, then West across FL. Where should we stop?

I agree with all the above posts about Jax. Chew and Bistro Aix are my favs. Biscottis does a good brunch (not sure about breakfast). I make the trip from NC to jax several times a year, and unfortunately you may do best with packing a lunch. I have yet to find anything worthwhile for great lunch.

Asheville folks???Best Wings???

yep. smokey bar, bad beer, great wings.

Asheville folks???Best Wings???

I vote mackells.

hendersonville Italian

La Riserva! Thanks

hendersonville Italian

Can someone tell me the name of the newish italian restaurant in hendersonville. Not Potenza, on the other side of the street. ?

Asheville updates

I visit sugo often. I think it is one of the better choices downtown, and every time I go, it seems that i enjoy it more.

Asheville updates

that is the location i speak of. I *think* it is an italian place, I heard it was being opened by the former sous chef from savoy and rezaz.. vague, but thats all I know.

Asheville updates

Vigne has a new menu, more interesting options, more economical (especially the wines)
New italian place to open on wall street soon

Asheville's Best Restaurants

I would say it would depend on what atmosphere you were hoping for, I think the food at both is great. Fig is a small, more intimate bistro-y type place. Vigne is more modern, with a popular bar area. Either place you choose, you are in for a treat.

Asheville Dinner

What's the deal with all the greek places around asheville?

I think pomodoros has pretty decent greek food. Salad is fresh with lots of veggies. Good mousaka and pasticio (sp).


rumors are that Bluewater, from hendersonville, is putting a location on merrimen. Hickory Nut Gap, while the farm store is only open on thursdays in the off season sells some of there product at local stores.

Dec 08, 2007
WNCfoodie in Southeast

foodie-"inn" the south east

Me and my SO are eloping in January, and are looking for a romantic Inn with great food in the SE. Are definitely considering the Blackberry Farm, but need some other ideas. NC, Tenn, Va, SC....anywhere w/in driving distance of asheville.

liquor tasting notes

does anyone know of a web site that has tasting notes for various types of liquors? Primarily Vodkas, tequilas, and gin.

Dec 04, 2007
WNCfoodie in Spirits

For Those Wanting to Try 12 Bones in Asheville

Just wanted to give my praise to 12 bones! We opted to have them cater our thanksgiving this year....what a delicious deal! a whole smoked turkey, 4 quart size sides, a pie, a bag of rolls, gravy and cranberry bbq sauce. enough for 8. Fist, this was the best turkey I have ever had, really juicy! the sides were great, as usual. the best part was just having to heat up the meal, no actual cooking. all this for the very economical price of 125.00. A new tradition in my family for sure!

Anybody tried Sugo in Asheville yet?

Tried sugo again on Saturday night. The first time I went it was for lunch and they had just opened. I thought I would give them some time before heading back to dinner. I was really impressed. We started with the veal sweetbreads. I must say, I have never had sweetbreads before, so I am not sure what I was supposed to expect, but they were yummy. The chef next sent out a beef tartar, with a perfectly poached egg. I noticed this was not on the menu.... it really should be. I had the duck ravioli and my husband had the pork belly. The ravioli was good, but the pork belly was awesome! We ended with 2 glasses of port. All said, 2 martinis, bottle of wine, two ports, an app, 2 entrees for 117+ tip. Very economical, and very, very good. The service was also great, with helpful suggestions, as well as steering us away from his least fav. on the menu, which I always appreciate. I will definitely go back.

Great restaurants in Jacksonville, FL

we discovered Chew! on our trip. Located on west adams street, downtown. not to be missed.

Oct 30, 2007
WNCfoodie in Florida

Thanksgiving Dinner in Asheville

check with the grovewood cafe. they do a great holiday dinner.