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Best menu items at Pico's Mex Mex

It's so easy to name the best item on the menu, but first you have to have a shaker Margareta. I suggest the Classic. Make sure you finish it before ordering, it helps with the pronunciation.

Close your eyes, spin the menu a couple of times and then with your eyes closed point. What ever your finger lands on will be the best item on the menu.

I've worked my way thru the menu several times and discover some new flavor each time.

Pico's Restaurant
5941 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77081

May 14, 2010
Porscheboy in Houston

Unusual Fried Food - Idea Needed


Last night I did a test run on the Fried Ravioli. While OK, it wasn't fried Mac&Cheese/Bacon. So, have gone back to the Fried Arancini idea. Watched a video and you can precook them and put them in the oven later. Hunted for the fried Deviled Egg recipie, no where to be found in my files. But, probably way to labor intensive.

Thanks to everybody who left a suggestion.

Nov 24, 2009
Porscheboy in Home Cooking

Unusual Fried Food - Idea Needed

WOW! What a great batch of suggestions. I had decided on doing fried Ravioli; buy pre-made, use buttermilk and bread crumbs, instant success. I was also contemplating the Arancini, although labor intensive as compared to the Ravioli.

Loved the fried hot dogs with cheese idea, thought about wrapping them in rolled out canned biscuits, but might be too filling, although could cut them in half. Remember this is just appetizers. Loved the idea of using crushed noodles to get a puffed pastry. Had to look up Kombu, but that looks great. Somewhere I have a recipe for fried Deviled Eggs, had forgotten about that. What a great batch of Ideas. Thanks to everyone for chiming in.

Nov 19, 2009
Porscheboy in Home Cooking

Unusual Fried Food - Idea Needed

WOW! What a great batch of suggestions. Previously looked at the Fried Pizza, picture showed whole slice and that's to much, but bite size is great idea. The fried Green beans is something I'm deffinately going to try on my own. Like the Fried Potstickers idea as well. Fried Alligator balls and fried boudin balls are staples in La, so not different for us.

Fellow foodie told me that he saw Fried Ravioli idea on TV and now I have recipie from Food Network, so believe that's my TG idea. Will use comercial Ravioli.

The bacon wrapped shrimp were prepared with raw bacon and raw shrimp, then marinated in Mango Juice and hot sauce. Then just before frying were sprinkled with Tony's Cajun spices. Was great hit, but like to do different every year and leave them talking about how good the _______ was in past years. By the way, the fried bugs was a hit with the kids, adults less so.

Keep the ideas coming.

Nov 16, 2009
Porscheboy in Home Cooking

Unusual Fried Food - Idea Needed

Thanks James.
I would prefer something along the lines of an Appetizer. Although I do like making Steak fingers with Venison.

Saw a recipe for Fried Avacado, to bad I can't find a way to take out the seed, leaving a hollow core that could be stuffed with shrimp or bacon! Houston restaurant serves battered Avacado with meat and cheese, guess they put the halves back to gether somehow.

Nov 15, 2009
Porscheboy in Home Cooking

Unusual Fried Food - Idea Needed

Every year for TG I try to add an unusual fried food as an appetizer. Hell, the turkey's frying and there is usually a little room left.

In the past I've done Fried Mac & Cheese, Fried Bugs, Fried bacon wrapped shrimp (Big Hit) and I want to do something new & different this year. Considered Fried Bacon, won't consider Fried Sweet Stuff, no Twinkies, Oreo's, etc.

So, if anyone has any ideas, they would be appreciated.

Nov 15, 2009
Porscheboy in Home Cooking

How to Use Tomatillos

Roast them on my smoker with Red and Yellow Bell peppers. Skin the peppers and put them all in blender with Chipolte pepper and blend until wondful consistancy. Use on everything, Mexican or not. I've also roasted Cactus leaves on gas eyes and burnt the outside, put in plastic bag for 10 minutes, peal and then all to blender with other ingredients. Wonderful Salsa.

Aug 06, 2009
Porscheboy in Features