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Basic Barbecue Sauce

This sauce ROCKS! I love BBQ, but almost all bottled sauces contain high fructose corn syrup, which plays havoc with my IBS. Last night, when Vanna White gave her recipe for barbied chicken, claiming it was the easiest recipe ever, I had to try it. I whipped up this BBQ sauce this morning, dumped it into a crock pot with a whole chicken, and 5 hours later, voila, the best chicken I've ever had! Vanna, you were RIGHT -- how EASY and how tender and moist and tasty!

Jun 20, 2010
LetsRow in Recipes

Chicken Pot Pie

An excellent pot pie! I love baking pies, so I made my own crust. I pre-baked the bottom shell before filling so it wouldn't end up soggy. Otherwise, I made no changes to the ingredients. The extra time it took to make the creamed chicken was well worth it. No more canned cream of chicken soup for my pot pies, thankyouverymuch! This recipe ROCKS.

Mar 28, 2010
LetsRow in Recipes