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Roasted Jalapeno Oil help - recipe or store [moved from Toronto board]

how long to let them sit? obviously the longer the better, but what is a good ballpark?

Roasted Jalapeno Oil help - recipe or store [moved from Toronto board]

Dear Chowhounders,

I frequent Bellwoods Brewery, and I love their duck hearts with roasted jalapeno oil.

There doesn't seem to anything on google about making jalapeno oil.

Can anyone offer their advice on how to make it (preferable) or where to buy it?



Burger at the Ceili Cottage

Sounds great. I like it when a restaurant will actually put care into their burger.

so they only serve it on Wednesdays?

Best Burgers in Toronto?

I tried it within the first week it opened. I got the "kobe" burger. it tasted like a grocery store ground beef.

To be fair, I should go again sometime to give it another chance.

Pho Hung, a disappointment

The pho there is terrible, but the place is always packed, and thus it will continue to be packed because of the influence of packed restaurant has on people.

Its great to with a group of people there because the atmosphere it presents to them.

otherwise, if its just me, I'll go to pho pasteur at 3 am and stare at the weirdos (or perhaps I am the weirdo in that scenario)

Best Burgers in Toronto?

I ordered some burgers from there. I asked for medium and got that which I am happy about. I find their beef pretty bland though, but at least it is hormone free.

best burgers in T.O.

Grindhouse is phenomenal.

They actually know what they are doing. Which turns out, actually makes a difference!

Who would have thunk it ?

Best Burgers in Toronto?


did you go last night?

I'm going to see if they'll cater a lunch to my office.

Best Pho in T.O.

Pho hung is the blandest pho I've ever had. but its so appealing because there is often packed with people, it some sort of "hot spot"

Pho Pasteur is one of my favourites. The broth is amazing. and I love that its 24 hours.

if you need a bit fancier, try Pho Ai My on Spadina and sullivan. I never thought it would be good based on decor. but it is quite good.

Pho Pasteur
525 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T1H4, CA

South Street Burger Co. ?

At the midscale fast food burger places, I tend to always ask for it to be "Juicy".

I often gotten some sort of gripe when I ask for anything other than well done. Some places will say they cook to a specific internal temperature (although, I've never seen anyone actually use a thermometer).

If I ask for 'Juicy', then it creates a certain imagery in the cooks mind that may help in getting a non dry burger.

of course, one thing we always lack in the discussion is the specific cook making the burger. Cooking burgers well does take some knowledge and skill. I will assume that many of the min wage cooks at these places don't know any better or could use some better practice.

Any T.O. burger joint to rival the The Burger Joint in NYC?

that sounds good. but I would have preferred an actual green chilie cheeseburger.

they are not hard/expensive to do.

ISO Happy Hour Dim Sum in Missisauga

When I like Chinese food and dim sum places, its because they are dirty, smelly, loud and generally have a lack of communication in some way. Somewhere along the way, I have construed these attributes as character.

Its far from being the best Dim Sum place in the world.

ISO Happy Hour Dim Sum in Missisauga

Sun Sun has AYCE dim sum on tuesdays and wednesday at lunch.

Best $10-20 burger?


is My Place that you speak of the one at 2448 BLOOR ST. WEST ?

if so, I see the term "longhorn" but it seems to be in a tortilla.

The Grindhouse on King Street

A concern I was told of was that their bun size is small and may not be able to house a bigger patty.

my argument was to make the patty thicker and not wider in diameter.

is this what has happened?

Salsa's: new Mexican Restaurant in Kensington

This restaurant has got me speaking spanish now. (I usually say "tres tacitos por favor")

I love these little mom and pop type places.

Post Bar/Late Night Eats

if you can handle your MSG I suggest the Kom Jug. Always good for great conversation and quick service.

Don't go there sober though.

The food isn't anything special, Its more the romance of the place that I enjoy.

Cheap and Dirty: Thrifty Dive Bars of the GTA


I would like to join you in attending some of these bars... I am serious.

The mention of Michael's at queen and bathurst sounds awesome, and I might go this weekend.

My personal favourite is Jenny's bar on Kensington Ave. It looks terrible, and most "regular" people would be afraid of this bar and its patrons, but they are all actually nice people (a classic example of the paperbag princess that everyone seems to forget in their adult life).

I also agree with some of the Portuguese sports bars on Dundas West of ossington. They are pretty funny too.

The Grindhouse on King Street


no it wasn't a specific reference to the grindhouse burgers.

I was speculating on well done burgers in general.

Looking for food shops in Kensington Market

I think the only products from China are dry goods.

I can't imagine they ship their produce from china and still sell for like $0.50/lb.

They get their produce from the Ontario Food Terminal, just like all the produce shops in Kensington as well.

The Grindhouse on King Street

I find it odd that they do a two patty burger. especially for the same weight.

As we all know, two patties increase surface area which has high char and is typically less juicy in comparison to one patty of the same gross weight.

one could cook two patties to medium, but it doesn't taste the same as one larger burger cooked medium.

However, if you like you're welldone hockey pucks, then the amount of patties is not consequential.

So I won a few bets... (help needed re Globe and Kaji!)

I probably ordered mine medium (as I usually do) and it came medium-well. I haven't been there since, but sounds like there are some inconsistencies.

Otherwise, from what I remember it was good in the sense that it offers some interesting yet subtle flavours that make it stand out compared to a "normal" burger.

So I won a few bets... (help needed re Globe and Kaji!)

No one has mentioned anything about Globe yet, so my suggestion is try the burger; it really stands out.

I don't know the value of your winnings, but the burger isn't expensive. Maybe you can ask them to put Foie Gras on it or something.

ISO: Haggis

I've seen it in cans at Gelati's.

AME - Anyone been?

Has anyone read any press about KoKo share bar?

I heard it might be similar to Ame?

has it opened yet?

New burger joint opening at Jones and Gerrard

I don't mind the "too much" that these "gourmet" places are doing these days. its interesting. but what they lack is any sort of thought on the flavour of beef.

that being said, what makes a burger good is the beef. I hope this place gets a good beef source, that is all that is necessary. if they do end up doing things in extra, so be it, but I wouldn't bet the farm on just toppings.

I agree with atomeyes, we've become rightfully cynical about burgers in toronto. I personally get excited when a new place is about to open up because I really hope that they will be a change in a positive direction.

Oh Boy Burger, Queen and Portland

Most burger places don't properly sear the burger. and more specifically when they are grilled. Also the heat of the grill usually isn't high enough. it usually set lower to allow for well done cooking. (I'm not a chef though)

I usually prefer a higher weight so when (if) a restaurant will attempt cooking medium burger, I get a better chance of it actually turning out medium.

W Burger Bar, Yonge & College

The W burger bar burger is alright for event its normal price.

I don't know anywhere else that you can get a hormone and antibiotic free burger, of its size for 6 bucks.

I'm not accounting for flavour though.

Best Burgers in Toronto?

ya fridays and saturdays they are open till 3 am or around there.

Good fries and burger on Browns Line

I went about 3 weeks ago.

I love the concept of this place. Its quite cheap for an organic burger. They are still new and working kinks out of course. but I am happy to wait.

The burger came "seasoned" there was like parsley and (I think) mustard seeds in there along with some other spices. To be honest, I was saddened to eat a baretta beef burger with all that stuff. I suggested that they should have a "seasoned" and "unseasoned" burger option, since their whole motif is about options.

For the record, my burger wasn't cut. however, I asked for medium and I guess the heat wasn't high enough on the grill and by the time the outside was cooked, so was the inside. however, as we've noticed, things are improving with this place.

I also have some more mean criticism, but I will save it for later, or hopefully, they will remedy it.