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Flavorful Poultry - WHERE?

Hi all,

I'm looking to get a flavorful bird for roasting or coq au vin. Something like an older hen or rooster, or maybe poultry besides chicken that has some real flavor. I'm not interested in the tender texture of the younger birds, I'm interested in finding a source of poultry that is more than the 'typical grocery store chicken' - flavor wise.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Recently moved to NOVA - Lunch & Dinner in Eden Center?

I recently moved from Massachusetts and I keep seeing posts referring to the Eden Center. Is this some gastronomic Garden of Eden? If I was going to be in that area for lunch and for dinner, what would you recommend for each? I love all types of cuisine, especially Vietnamese which is severely lacking in the Boston area.


Any thoughts on <$25 bottle Champagne for tonight?

I'm looking to get a bottle of Champagne that is good quality, but not too expensive, and is also easily accessible. Any thoughts?


Dec 31, 2009
adamfj in Wine

Anyone know where to get great Arabica coffee beans?

Anyone know a place to get great Arabica coffee beans in Northern VA?

Looking for great Italian espresso in NOVA or Bethesda area

How about really good coffee in general? Anyone know of a spot that I can get really good beans?

Anyone tried Sou'Wester in the Mandarin?

I've had dinner there, and it was quite good. My wife and I went there on a date. The staff is quite attentive, but I think that was partly due to the fact that not many people were there. Biscuits and Cornbread were delicious. The fried chicken was really good. We also got the pork belly with pickled watermelon rind, which was also delicious, but quite small. I ordered the rabbit with rabbit sausage which was dry and not very flavorful. Desserts were limited to 5 unoriginal items. Hash browns were also quite good. Overall a pretty good meal. I would stay away from the rabbit, but all other items we had were very tasty. You definitely don't get the Cracker Barrel, southern feel. It feels more formal than the 'casual' label they push. And you share bathrooms with CityZen, which may be a reason for the formal feel. We enjoyed the meal, but I feel like we had everything they had to offer and it was not an eye-opening experience so we'll continue our search for our repeat restaurant in the DC area.

Looking for great Italian espresso in NOVA or Bethesda area

I'm looking to attain some really good Italian espresso. Something that is fresh and can be ground at the store since my grinder is no longer in commission. Not looking for 1 lb bags, more like 4 oz - 8 oz at a time. I dont have a deep knowledge base of Italian espressos, but I did buy the illy brand once. I'm looking for something better this time.

Can anyone point me to a place I can get this? I'm in Vienna, VA, so anything in the 5-10 mile radius of there would be optimal.


Cheap Yogurt in Northern VA

Hi All,

I've just moved to Northern VA and I love yogurt. I moved from Cambridge, MA and used to get 32oz Whole Milk yogurt at Market Basket for $1.69. The yogurt was not organic, but did have live cultures-which is what I'm looking for. Do you know of any places around Northern VA that I could find some good, cheap yogurt? I wish I could buy yogurt in large wholesale size containers that were 1 gallon size, but I have not found any yet. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,