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bubble tea shops in northern VA, DC ?

Really? I'm surprised. Every time I go, the food and tea have been solid. Weird. I've been there just a few days ago and got my bubble tea to go and it was perfect for the warm weather. Go figure. If/when I have an experience similar to yours, I'll let you know. For now, I really do only have good things to say about this place.

Ballston area Chinese

TNR's been my favorite place for the last year or so. Good food and sweet bubble tea to finish off a satisfying meal. Love their portions and even more so, their prices. You can pretty much get enough food to stuff you for dinner and have enough left over for lunch the next day, costing only $10 or so. I think the fact that you can "custom order" makes it different from most any other place. Getting exactly what you want, funny concept, eh? Well, TNR provides that. My family and close friends are pretty much as sold as I am. For my aunt's birthday dinner, we had about 20 people and every single one of them raved about how good the food was. If you're willing to give them a try, I highly doubt you'll be disappointed. I know I'm not!

bubble tea shops in northern VA, DC ?

Definitely TNR Cafe. Bubble tea there is refreshing and a great addition to an area that lacks much asian cuisine. Food-wise, I find it to be tasty and affordable. I've been a regular for about a year now and will pop in for lunch or dinner probably about 1-2 times a week. The service is friendly, which I've found is uncommon amongst asian places. They recently got some TVs in, so it was great to be able to grab some lunch on a lazy Sunday and watch the games. As far as bubble tea goes, my favorite is the Lychee. They have cream teas also, which is nice when you're looking for something a little bit richer and I suppose, decadent. Their portions are definitely generous. When reading their menu, it sounds like such standard fare, but so few places do it well. Give TNR a try and I highly doubt that you'll be disappointed. I haven't yet!

Need lunch near Court House metro

TNR Cafe. Fast. Great tasting food. Cheap.

New Chinese is Arlington (Courthouse)

TNR has great food and really good prices. They now serve bubble tea too, which is a huge plus. Service has definitely improved (I've become a regular). I've been looking for a Chinese restaurant that serves a non-diluted version and this definitely is it. I doubt anybody will be disappointed when it comes to taste. Great food at cheap prices is hard to come by in this area.

TNR Cafe in Court House

TNR Cafe has become my favorite new place to get some really good Chinese food. Everything I've tried there has been great. They recently added bubble tea too. Cheap prices, huge portions. I have yet to be disappointed.