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Best way to control charcoal grill temperature

Maybe some models are different, but on mine which is the 22.5 inch kettle with the three bottom vents and an ash catcher underneath - also about 10 years old, the bottom vent isn't riveted on.

I just replaced my old rusted out assembly with a new weber replacement "One-Touch Cleaning System" ~$15 in the USA.

In order to get the old one out, I used a hack saw to cut off the handle on both ends of the nut, then popped it out by hitting it with a hammer from the bottom. The new assembly is easily put together with just a thumb screw; no riveting!

Kitchen Aid Meat Grinder -- Gray Ooze

Obviously you've never seen this problem first-hand or you wouldn't keep making an argument which goes against all observation.

Mar 08, 2012
sezme in Cookware

ISO Downtown cheap-but-tasty dim sum restaurant with carts

After wandering around Chinatown shaking our heads at the diminished dim sum offings (Bright Pearl closed, Yeuh Wah likewise, Forestview conditional pass, and Rol San with good food but no carts—we wanted carts) we headed to Sky Dragon for the first time in 17 years. We had had a bad experience there all those years ago, but things change, right? Well, long story short, things haven't changed at all. The decor was shabby and messy with litter all over the floor and dirty dishes piling up everywhere. The service was indifferent, and the food ... Oh the food! Beyond the mere ordinariness if the menu, it was sub-par in execution topped off with the worst har gow I've ever had the displeasure to consume. There were four of them stuck together in the steamer, and they disintigrated on separation. The dough was tough yet weak, while the shrimp was tasteless. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

Recommendation: give it a try in 2028.

Sky Dragon Chinese Restaurant
280 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T3A5, CA

Apr 24, 2011
sezme in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

too hungry, too tired

In Toronto, you can buy Hoo Roo Rook at P.A.T. Korean supermarket at Bloor and Manning. They really are very good and do not contain MSG FWIW.

Jan 05, 2010
sezme in Home Cooking

The Ultimate Greek Salad, Plus 8 Great Greek Recipes

@pomme de terre: When a recipe on Chow is titled "How to make a Greek salad," there's a certain expectation of authenticity. This isn't "Better Homes and Gardens" here. If I'd wanted an Americanized recipe...

So anyway, lettuce in a Greek salad is a big mistake.

Aug 09, 2009
sezme in Features