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Bacon lover of course. A few months ago I saw Cracker Barrel brand bacon in Publix and tried it. The best bacon I have ever had. Now, I find that Publix no longer carries it and on line on the Cracker Barrel site, they say Winn Dixie has it. Tried today and no luck. Any suggestions for where to find it, or a suitable substitute. My daughter just sent me a recipe for apple pie with a lattice of bacon covering it and it sounds wonderful. Need super bacon.

Christmas near Santa's Enchanted Forest

Our yearly trek to SEF tomorrow and would like to avoid carnival food. Other than Chinese, does anyone know of a decent restaurant near Bird Rd. and the Palmetto that will be open for dinner on Christmas Day?

SOCAL with kids

I will be spending a week in southern California (LA and Laguna Beach) next month. As I will be with the entire family, I would love to hear recommendations for restaurants that are child friendly (7 and 13). Love good food but anything fancy is a non starter. I guess that leaves delis, diners, ethnic, and everything else. Will have a car and willing to travel for something really good or unique. From reading the boards, it sounds like Langers Deli would be a great place to start. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

Jul 02, 2012
megskew in Los Angeles Area

Dinner in Marathon and Key West

Going fishing with 5 other guys in Marathon. Planning dinner in Marathon and Key West but haven't been down there in years. Open to any cuisine and price, but not looking for fancy (if that even exists in the keys). Just good solid food and drink and fun. Thanks.

Renzo's Parkland

I have had many very good dinners at the various Renzo restaurant's in Boca and when a restaurant opened much closer to home in Parkland, I was very happy. No longer. Pretty much a disaster from start to finish. Restaurant was crowded but not full, and even with a reservation, it took 15 minutes to prepare our table. Only 2 of the four of us got silverware and we never did get butter with the bread despite asking. They were obviously very understaffed with only 2 servers visible. My daughter ordered a shrimp cocktail, and although the shrimp were large and looked great, they were served warm. We all ordered past and all were extremely overcooked and fairly tasteless.
I am extremely disappointed and as you can see from my infrequent posts, I am not looking to bash anyone. The staff was pleasant and I did leave a generous gratuity, as it was not their fault, but unfortunately, I will not be returning.

Vietnamese food newbies - what to try?

I would very much like to try Saigon Cuisine with an eating buddy. Problem is that he is highly allergic to fish (like drop dead allergic). No problem with shellfish however. He is concerned that they may use fish sauce or fish broth. Another concern is the language barrier, in that they may not fully understand the problem. Does anyone know if this would be a safe choice.

Saigon Cuisine
1392 N State Road 7, Margate, FL 33063

La Trattoria in Boca

Does anyone know if La Trattoria in Boca is still in business? I tried calling the phone number on their website and it said that the number has been disconnected.

Best Jewish style delis neat Tamarac/Ft. Lauderdale/South Florida

Nothing compares to the New York top Deli's such as Carnegie or the former 2nd Ave Deli. In Tamarac/Lauderhill, Pastrami Club is pretty good. Ben's Deli on Boca Delray border is also pretty good. There have also been good reviews for Pastrami Queen in Boca, but I haven't been there yet.

City Fish Market Fathers Day. YUK

Amex sent me a $25 off card for cfm or Chops so I figured lets try it. Food and service ok but we were inundated with flies. In the bread, on the drinks, in the food, all over us. I have never had an experience like this. Waiter tried but the GM avoided us. We finally called him over and his attitude was less than good. He did take 50% off the bill but didn't matter. What should have been a nice family experience was dreadful.

Jun 21, 2009
megskew in Florida

Birthday cake for sweet 16 in Broward

No. Got a cake from Fontane in CS. Very pretty but taste was lacking. Thanks everyone for the other recommendations. I will definitely try them.

Jun 12, 2009
megskew in Florida

Birthday cake for sweet 16 in Broward

Pretty would be wonderful, but taste trumps everything IMHO.

Jun 01, 2009
megskew in Florida

Birthday cake for sweet 16 in Broward

I'm looking for a special cake for a special girl. We live in Coral Springs but would be OK with the right baker in Palm Beach to Miami. Bakery or private baker OK.

May 31, 2009
megskew in Florida

trying to locate Turkish Taffys in miami area

Bonomo's Turkish Taffy no longer exists. I tried unsuccessfully. A few months ago on a recommendation from a candy web site, I ordered French Chew. I comes in the usual Turkish Taffy flavors and to my tastes, as well as I can remember, it was a match. Freeze it and crack it and you will think you are eating Bonomo's. Do a google search. Many of the web candy dealers have it available.

Jul 10, 2007
megskew in Florida

Different computers=different posts

Thanks Jacquilynne, you nailed it. Once I switched to last update, all was well. Thanks

Jul 05, 2007
megskew in Site Talk

Different computers=different posts

When I check Florida on my work computer, I see many more posts for any given day than when I use my home computer. Doesn't make any sense.

Jul 05, 2007
megskew in Site Talk