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[DFW] Best Elotes Stand in the Metroplex [DFW]

I will second this taco place on this corner, it is the only taco stand in this area consistently with a line. its crazy trying to get some for breakfast with everyone ordering 30 tacos to go. The bazaar (pink one) on Harry Hines does have a huge corn roaster in the summer and probably has the best elotes when fresh corn is available. I love to see all of the kids smiling with their cup full of corn "candy".

Empanadas (Dallas)

There is a small grocery next to the Caribbean Grill that sells meat pies that are excellent. they also have fresh Roti.

Top Ten in Dallas?

I would like to know too!

Momofuku Fried Chicken

What is the website? I would like to try this when I come to town from Texas next month. Does anybody know of anything similar outside of NYC?

Sep 02, 2009
fireinthehole in Manhattan

First trip to Dallas......

I second Air's request. I would love to know of a few good hidden treasures within our area.

Looking for great sushi in Stamford area

I am looking for a great sushi place in the Stamford area so that I can take some friends out to dinner. The only place that I know of is Dynasty chinese, and I would like to go somewhere much better.

Best Vietnamese in Dallas

I am forever on a quest for great Vietnamese cuisine and find a lot of variety, some more ethnic than others, in the Dallas area. I have come to enjoy all of the postings in Chowhound, and trust all of the great tips on where to find the best, most ethnic places. However for Vietnamese, I have to look through tons of posts and I get side tracked. Could we start a thread that takes on Vietnamese only and could perhaps focus on restaurants in groups of speciality? Such as Pho, Bahn Mi, Truly authentic not Americanized, etc.

What happened to Mia's in Dallas?

Mia's used to be my most favorite tex mex spot evr as the food was consistently good and wonderful. Lately, the food just has not been the the same. I did not want to believe that something had changed so I went back a few more times and have been disappointed every time. Does anybody know what has happened, or have the cooks gone to a new location? If you know, I would really like to find out. It is such a shame to see something so good just disappear.

Onion Rings

I am from Dallas and would like to know where you had such great onion rings?