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Trellis or Barking Frog?

Thank You ALL for your input. Its the first time I have posted on here and I found all your responses very useful. I have made a reservation at Cafe Juanita - looks fantastic and very much looking forward to it!

Aug 10, 2009
lcaunter in Greater Seattle

Trellis or Barking Frog?

We are staying the night in Seattle to celebrate my Fiance's birthday. We are staying at the Heathman in Kirkland. I can't decide where we should go for dinner - I have reservations at both Trellis (restaurant at the hotel ) and Barking Frog (in Woodinville, a few miles away).

Is Trellis nice enough for a birthday celebration? I like that it is reasonably priced, conveniently at the hotel but I have seen mixed reviews on the food.

Is Barking Frog worth the extra expense and taxi-ride?

I would love your opinions - I hate making these decisions on my own ;-)

Aug 05, 2009
lcaunter in Greater Seattle