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Macaron class?

Does anyone know where I can take a class (private or group) on making French macarons?

I have been trying unsuccessfully for months and spent crazy amounts of money on almonds and almond flour. I'm not giving up! But I would love some guidance. I'd even be willing to travel for a class. That would be a fun weekend getaway! Thank you!

Thanksgiving dinner in Boston

I've never done Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant, but this year we are considering it, as we're flying out for vacation early evening. Any recommendations for a great dinner in town? I don't necessarily need turkey and all of the traditional fixings, but I'm not sure whether restaurants stay open on that day. Any help? Thanks!

Fall 2009 Openings and Closings

I live near the old South Kitchen & Wine bar on Dorchester Street in Southie and just attended a meeting about a new restaurant moving in. The prospective owners (who also own J.A. Stats on Broad Street) met with the neighbors to talk about their project. It's not a 100% go yet, but it sounds like it might take off. If all goes well, they said we could expect something to open in about 5 months.

Food would be similar to J.A. Stats, "a neighborhood restaurant serving quality, American comfort food", I believe is how they described it.

Boston with 15 High School Seniors (Girls) from Toledo

I also find that out-of-towners enjoy the Barking Crab, if you like seafood. The younger people especially enjoy smashing crabs with rocks and eating fried seafood. (Personally not my favorite, but always a hit with guests).

Been to Bina lately?

Unfortunately that has been my experience. I work in Downtown Crossing and visited quite a few times. When they first opened, I was recommending it left and right; it was a perfect after-work place for drinks and appetizers. However, since the new chef has taken over, it has been a much different experience. The menu hasn't changed much, but the dishes are completely different, tasteless, and overall uninspired. The beef tartar was horrible, and we had a vanilla infused crab appetizer that was bad as well (way too much vanilla). On top of it, the service is terrible. (I should point out however, that I've only sat at the bar, but some co-workers went for lunch and reported bad service as well). I wil not be returning. It's unfortunate.

I would recommend, if possible, using the gift certificate in the Alimentari portion. Buy some wine and nice cheese, and have an evening at home instead. Oh, and definitely try one of their macarons - they're so yummy!

Another One Bites The Dust - Persephone

Sorry for the delay. I was finally in touch with the manager at Lumiere. The answer was no, they will not honor the gift certificate from Persephone. Her explanation was that the 2 restaurants are set up as different entities, and they remain seperate. From a business perspective, I understand the logic of it. But from a customer service perspective, I had hoped that they would honor it anyway. Disappointing.

$1 oysters at legal

We stopped at LTK in the Seaport District last night and had the same special. We ordered 2 dozen before 6:00pm and were charged $1 each. We ordered another 1/2 dozen around 6:30pm and were charged full price. Still a great deal!

Another One Bites The Dust - Persephone

Rats! I received a $100 gift certificate not that long ago. I went on the website looking for an email address or contact info. Anyone ever have experience with this kind of thing? Will it be honored at another of their restaurants?