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Arthur Avenue Experience — Huge Disappointment

I agree re: Roberto's. Went to Roberto’s for lunch yesterday and thought it was fantastic. The portions are all big enough to order family style and the waiters actually encourage this and gladly take on the job of dividing up the dishes. Started with a couple of appetizers, the best of which was the broccoli rape, sausage and white beans. Had two pasta dishes, the best of which was radiatore with cherry tomatoes and pecorino served in aluminum foil (waiter’s recommendation) . Then had two chicken entrees, the best of which was chunks of chicken and sausage served in a balsamic reduction sauce. Very tasty dish and also a recommendation of our waiter. All in all a great meal and much better than others we’ve had on Arthur Avenue. We’ll definitely go back….

Feb 02, 2010
1CTHound in Outer Boroughs

Kesté Pizza & Vino -- August 2009 report

I assure you it is!

Dec 29, 2009
1CTHound in Manhattan

Cuttyhunk Island, MA

As I'm sure you experienced, the breakfast at the CFC is all about the view, less about the food. Great spot.....

Dec 27, 2009
1CTHound in Southern New England

Kesté Pizza & Vino -- August 2009 report

since your "love of pizza knows no geographical bounds" can you compare Keste to New Haven pies (either Sally's or Pepe's)? I am very tempted to try Kestes but the mixed reviews (soggy crust, bland toppings, etc.) are making me pause. Since I know and love the New Haven version of the Neopolitan pizza, any comparison you could provide would be most helpful. Heading to NYC on 12/28 so a reply before that would much appreciated.....

Dec 27, 2009
1CTHound in Manhattan

Lunch in Branford, CT

I've had two meals recently at La Cuisine in Branford and I have to say they were both fantastic. For lunch I had their fish tacos which were excellent -- served with a terrific home made salsa and a side of mixed rice, beans & peppers. Breakfast was equally good. I had an omelette with carmelized onions, fresh mushrooms, and gruyere cheese. My dining companion had the home made corned beef hash which might be the best I've ever had (and I've had a lot!). Both orders came with a side of their 7 grain toast that I finished every bite of, and I never eat more than a couple bites of toast. All in all this very unassuming place (you'd likely drive right by it without a recommendation) is turning out some really great food.

consiglios/new haven

Realize this thread is 4 years old, but in the interest of saving someone else, and having just eaten there myself, the answer to Suzanne's question is an emphatic "no".

Hendersonville, NC recs?

I prefer Champa's sushi to Umi's.

Blue Wave is great for seafood. They do a southern take on oysters rockefeller that is great. They always have a good selection of fresh fish that they invite you to pare with cooking style (roasted, grilled, sauteed, etc.) and sauce (4 or 5 choices). I usually just let the chef pick all three (fish, cooking preference and sauce) and they've all been winners.

Anyone tried the Vue wine bar on 5th that I'm told recently started serving food?

Mezzaluna - Hendersonville, NC

Just thought I'd post a quick review in case someone's looking for an update on Mezzaluna. Ate there for the first and last time a few weeks ago. We all had pizza. Bready, tasteless concotion with way too much bland cheese. The beer selection is great, but the service seems to be as poor as it was when this thread was active about a year ago.

I think so far they've stayed in business because of their interior which is eye candy from the street, but the locals have likely caught on and there aren't enough curious tourists to keep them afloat, imo.......

City Limits Stamford

Ate there for the first time the other day for breakfast. Had poached eggs over corned beef (hold the menu-included hollandaise -- ugh) that were excellent. Great corned beef-to-potato ratio. One thing that might be offputting to CBH purists is that they add a lot of chives to their hash. I liked it a lot, but it is different.

First time to Brasitas - What's the dish I can't miss?

Just had dinner at the Norwalk location. Pretty good. For appetizers we had quesidillos, steak skewers, and empanadas. The empanadas were the weak link -- mushy and flavorless. The other two were very good and the chimichuri sauce with the steak skewers was excellent. For entrees we had chicken in coconut curry sauce (an odd flavoring given the ethnicity of the place) that was delicious. Also had the short ribs braised in a coffee flavored sauce. Didn't taste any coffee flavor and the ribs were pretty fatty. All in all it was a bit inconsistent, but not bad. They have a Sunday brunch menu that looks interesting (and cheaper) that might be worth trying....

A systematic deep dive into tacos in Norwalk/Stamford

yup. between the small news stand and the bank.

Aug 09, 2009
1CTHound in Southern New England

Steak - Home Cooked or Steakhouse Prepared

A chef I admire once told me how he prepares his home cooked steak and I've followed his advice ever since:

spinkle generously on both sides: 1) fresh ground pepper, 2) garlic powder, 3) Lawrys Seasoned Salt. Add olive oil and rub the mixture in to the meat. Cook on whatever grill you have (though nothing beats charcoal). Never fails.....

Aug 08, 2009
1CTHound in General Topics

Fresh Market coming to Westport, CT

I have shopped at a FM in the south and thought it was great. Had no idea they were opening in Westport. Great news....

Bon Appetit Cafe in Wilton

I've eaten there twice and agree the food is some of the best in Fairfield County. Try the clam appetizer -- it comes in a mustard flavored sauce that sounds like it wouldn't work (at least I would never think of combining clams and mustard) but trust me it's delicious. BTW, the corkage fee has been reduced to $6.00 per person (not per bottle). Be prepared for an expensive evening though even without a liquor tab -- this place is not for the faint of wallet....

p.s. Yes, it is the old Wilton Food Company location

A systematic deep dive into tacos in Norwalk/Stamford

I just tried a taco in a tiny dive of a joint that doesn't even have a name (at least not that I could see). It's a yellow building that just says "Tacos, Burritos, Tortas". It's on Rte 123 in Norwalk across the street and down a bit from Brannman's paints. Another landmark would be Valencia Luncheria which is about 6 stores up the street (east I believe).

Very simple preparation: two soft tortillas one on top of the other, a healthy dose of your meat filling of choice (I opted for chorizo), diced onions and served with a lime wedge. $1.65 each. Delicious.

Aug 08, 2009
1CTHound in Southern New England

Fab CUPCAKES fairfield county

Crumbs in Westport.

Cuttyhunk Island, MA

This thread is pretty dated, but in case anyone's still interested, there is in fact a restaurant on Cuttyhunk called Soprano's pizza. It's actually run out of a private home with picnic tables in the driveway. They have a commercial-grade pizza oven in their garage that cranks out some surprisingly good pies with great toppings: pesto, BBQ chicken, carmelized onions, as well as standard pizza fare, i.e. pepperoni. They also serve fresh sword fish and scallops along with salads and a limited dessert menu. It's pretty much the only dinner restaurant on the island, but Sopranos seems to try hard and generally succeeds even without competition to motivate them.

Aug 08, 2009
1CTHound in Southern New England

Pizza in Norwalk CT [moved from Manhattan]

jfood listed the 4 that I'm most familiar with. Of those, I like Fat Cat the best. As he said, it is very thin ("cracker crust") and very delicious. A few other reasons I give them high marks: 1) they give you a very eclectic array (8 kinds if memory serves) of spices (i.e. "Turkish Seasoning") to put on your pizza, 2) if you're in to wine I can guaranty that no pizza joint you've been to has better wines by the glass -- the owners also own the excellent wine shop Fountainhead in Norwalk, 3) their salads are killer -- all organic greens with grilled vegetables, nuts, cheese, prosciutto. 4) they have a cheese selection provided by Darien Cheese one of the best fromageries in the state.

Leitizia's would be my second choice -- the pizza is very different than Fat Cat -- jfood accurately describes it as "sloppy". It is very casual (you can bring your own wine) and the toppings are standard (vs. some of the more unusual Fat Cat toppings). My biggest complaint is that sometimes they undercook their pies (on busy Saturday nights for example) and then "Sloppy" becomes "Mushy". However, when cooked the right amount of time, these are very delicous (and very filling) pies...

Strada 18 is over priced imo. Match is good, but they're kind of full of themselves.....

As for whether any of these are better than Sally's or Pepe's in New Haven, they are not in the same league, in my opinion....

Aug 05, 2009
1CTHound in Southern New England

Valencia Luncheria, Norwalk

I have to agree with you re: Valencia Luncheria -- it's a great spot. The only problem is that it's become so popular that it's hard to get a table for lunch & dinner, so I usually go for breakfast. Regardless of when you go or what you order, a highlight is the addition of the two homemade sauces that they present with every order. One is a cilantro sauce and the other chipolte pepper. Both are delicious and mix well with virtually everything coming out of the kitchen. I squeezed in for lunch not too long ago and had the black voodoo jambalya and my companion had the pulled pork sandwich. Both were delicious. We also had cauliflower & blue cheese soup which I suspect doesn't sound as good as it tastes. On other visits I've had the arepas, the empanadas, the burritos, chocolate spare ribs (trust me!), seafood stew, and many others and I can honestly say I've never had a bad meal.

Mexican - New Haven, CT

Another vote for Taqueria Mexico in North Haven. I was a regular when I worked near there, but hadn't been in awhile. Last week I was coming back from a college tour with my 16 year old who was complaining of hunger pangs and insisting (despite knowing how fruitless her request was bound to be) that we stop at a McburgerDonutSub for some cooked chemicals. Instead, realizing how close I was to exit 13 off I-91 South I swung in to the Tacqueria for a plate of assorted (chicken, lamb, beef and chorizo) tacos. These are simple but delicious bites: 2 small soft tortillas one on top of the other piled with the meat topping of your choice and some minced onions. At only a $1.25 each, order a few. Make sure to ask for limes which they will gladly provide upon request. Squeeze some lime juice, put one of two types of hot sauce on (I prefer the green), fold it up and it's gone in 2 or perhaps 3 bites. My daughter heartily agreed that it was the best "fast food" she'd ever eaten.

Aug 05, 2009
1CTHound in Southern New England