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Marmite in New Haven Area?

Pipenta - Found it-! I was determined to find it and it only took four mths.....I saw it on the shelves at:

approx 2 weeks ago. They're in Woodstock and the drive/area (also around Pomfret) are well worth a visit, there's tons of antique/flea market stores for bargains up there and if you go across the street to a little coffee shop/diner, they do superb pastries (the cinnamon nut roll and the chocolate eclair were insanely good!)

French Macarons in Greater New Haven?

I haven't even been to Chocopologie yet, what does everyone think of their chocolate?

I may go now I now there's macarons there... thanks mzabby!

Solun in Woodbridge

Is this the place that is up on the right hand side from Antonio's on Amity - looks like it's housed in a retirement community? I could be completely wrong, I am trying to picture where it is. I am a bit of a disaster geographically, so restaurants tend to be my landmarks....

French Macarons in Greater New Haven?

Yes it would! I dont even like lemon curd, so you could eat "quality check" mine and I can certainly help out on the macarons front ;) I am sure we'll keep our fingers crossed for you as well, good luck!

Marmite in New Haven Area?

Pipenta, I am almost certain I recently spotted Marmite in Wholefoods, something that completely surprised me (maybe email them to ask?)

Also, a head's up for anyone who is interested - they sell PG Tips in there cheaper than anywhere else I see them (including Stop & Shop) etc.

French Macarons in Greater New Haven?

precisely, such a shame because it could be revenue and happiness generating for all :) I make tarts, all butter pastry, goat's cheese, fresh lemon, raspberry curd, or mascarpone for those who don't like goat's cheese, with different crusts as well as savory traditional quiches. I also make traditional Scottish butter tablet, traditional English desserts (like Bakewell and Treacle Tart) and things like that. My own puff pastry tarts and so on. I am continuing to develop and try to perfect recipes where I can but people seem to adore my lemon chevre tart with a savory crust. It's amazing to me, I am completely self taught and have an absolute ball, so the mere fact people will buy my desserts is definitely a dream come true, except not in Connecticut!

For javaandjazz, I agree - they excel at what they should do, traditional french pastries, pastry cream, mousse, meringues etc, and their baguettes are fantastic, but I some of their others are hit and miss, the macarons are not by any means terrible, they are definitely lovely, but they are either crisp or too chewy and very price and too small to be consistent. I was very disappointed with their quiche which I wouldnt buy again. But, that sesame baguette,..... never tried their chocolates, the prices are way too high.

French Macarons in Greater New Haven?

coffee cognac sounds amazing!

I love Isabelle et Vincent, I am passionate about many things they make, but their macarons are not the best. They are also very expensive for the size.

You are spot on about it being intimidating to open a bakery business in CT, I am finding the same issue. I have a business plan, a product that is in demand, at least informally, and am completely stalled by the regulations, so I take the time to perfect the product - and fortunately, I totally enjoy the process until I can find a way to carve a path for myself.

I wish you the very best of luck.

French Macarons in Greater New Haven?

cd moretti., yours look amazing! Are you going to sell directly, or supply local stores?

I make my own too, as I can't find any I like I nearly as much as Bouchon in NYC. Also didnt know Marjolaine had them, so thanks, rosieg.

I am sure I went through the same process as you, practise until they were "perfect" or you get the feet whichever comes first. I just bought back a large (shamefully large, some might say) box from Laduree in Paris last month. Oh my......

Cupcakes in CT/MA?

I collected a birthday cake from J-cakes in North Branford and realized they do cupcakes too. If their cakes and buttercream are anything to go by, I'd definitely love the cupcakes but they're not a full service bakery with a case, although I noted the case near the front desk was full of both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

WhitneyVille Foods in Hamden sell mousse filled cupcakes, moist with a nice and not too sweet, sickly buttercream (different to frosting, this is more of a silky meringue buttercream).

Re: Follow that cupcake truck, I liked their cake and frosting, but the frosting was the powdered sugar/butter kind. I was pleased to support them in their early days (since they opened their bakery, they dont parkk near our offices any longer) but I just looked at their website and I think their statement about not participating in Cupcake War is completely unnecessary and way too snarky for my tastes/

Visited Sugar for the first time a couple of weeks ago. The frosting is probably the sweetest I have ever had, but I enjoyed it. I think the cake needed it.

Same feeling about the place near Clarks Dairy, the frosting is very sweet but much improved since they opened, but the cake itself had barely any flavor and could have been anything.

Best Burger in CT

The juicy-ness of a mouthwatering Shack Burger- hands down for quality, blended meats and price. Will even drive to Westport for it.

Plan B was really good only been there once, but would go again. I liked their sauces and their service, but I just didnt like the noise which is obviously nothing to do with the food, mostly.

I really want that Wagyu burger now, thanks Tartuffo!

Best Doughnuts in CT?

I dont even love donuts, but Whitney Donuts are amazing - but if you are looking for the "cakey" kind, not the fried, or crispy (old fashioned English kind). I love their butternut donut, it is the size of a small dinner plate and has a glaze on it before being dipped in the butternut. Really delicious. Hard to beat their prices as well

Help! Need 30 catered snack packs delivered in Manhattan on Thurs - where to go?

Dear Manhattan Chowhounds,

I have a problem. I have an event that will begin in NYC and bring people on a nice bus to Connecticut. On that bus tour through NYC and into New Haven, I would like to find a company to provide me with approx 30 snack packs - eg, a bottle of water, a granola bar, a piece of fruit, a cookie - something/anything.

Where do I start?: I am based in CT and have a bunch of international clients coming in and no good answers. At a push I can even supply small lunch bags to get to my delivery location in NY if I can get answers and solutions fast enough.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Apr 23, 2012
pain au chocolat in Manhattan

Looking for recipes for British desserts

Just spotted this in Harter's reply "And never, ever, use spray foam cream from a can!"-


Feb 02, 2012
pain au chocolat in Home Cooking

Looking for recipes for British desserts

On the lighter side, how about Summer Pudding, served with fresh whipped cream (or some creme fraiche)

On the richer- but- utterly yummy side, old time Treacle Tart...

Whilst less traditional, I like to use panko for the treacle tart and personally omit the ginger. Also great served with a creamy custard or cold whipped cream

One more...... Bakewell Tart (Google that one, so many varieties), really delicious iced, or not iced.

Would love to know what you end up trying and what they liked.

Feb 02, 2012
pain au chocolat in Home Cooking

UK style "Mississippi Mud Pie" - recipe [from UK/Ireland Board]

I have a strange request. Does anyone recall the kind of Mississippi Mud Pie you could get in England years ago? It had a crunchy, biscuit-y base, with a thick layer of coffee mousse, covered in chocolate ganache/frosting and sometimes encrusted with chocolate chips/shavings.

I live in the U.S now, and frankly, cravings like these are what led me to begin to learn to cook and bake and for some odd reason this is now an itch I have to scratch!

The US versions range from having coffee ice-cream or this stuff called "pudding", which is sold ready- made in the supermarkets here and I don't care for it/them, to put it mildly.......

Perhaps someone has a recipe from an older book or relative who makes one, I'd settle for a DBC recipe too - I can get Bournville and other decent chocolate to bake with and I am little luck on the web.


Sep 11, 2011
pain au chocolat in Home Cooking

Hartford Baking Company - anyone try yet?

Thanks so much for the post Mels- we tried it today but do note, I sent hubs there last week and they're not open Mondays. Our favourite baguette is Isabelle et Vincent in Fairfield) but the WHBC's baguette is really delicious and very authentic european style. We also bought an Epi, which was superb and had a cheddar and chive biscuit for breakfast - it was delicious- never had a biscuit here like it for taste and texture (and frankly, could have probably eaten a dozen. Young woman who served us was also very pleasant and all the tables were filled. We will definitely be back .

So hard to find really good baguettes here, this is a real bonus!

pain - au -chocolat

Isabelle et Vincent Bakery-Fairfield Ct. Fantastic

Another nod of agreement, they are wonderful. The macarons are pretty good too, only thing wasn't impressed with was their quiches but the baguettes and napoleans more than make up for it.

Just wish it wasn't a 30 min drive......

Wilson's BBQ (Fairfield, CT) on DDD Tonight

We went after seeing them on a previous version of D,D & D's- really disappointing, it was stone cold after being prepared right in front of us. We tried two dishes, my husband liked his pork sandwich and the fries were good, but very greasy. The stand out from the meal was the "sweet and tangy": house sauce but that was it. Fairfield is now only worth the trip to go to Isabelle et Vincent for baguettes and macarons.

Incidentally, I've seen an ad for Uncle Willies BBQ in West Haven we are thinking of trying, but hubby reckons he's found excellent BBQ in the Farmington/W Hartford area (sorry, cant remember the name and he is asleep right now!)

No more places for ice cream in Ansonia-Derby, CT

A little further over but weve fallen in love with Wentworths on Whitney in Hamden- their maple walnut in a HOMEMADE waffle cone is fabulous (the summer flavor for us was the coconut)- I never even liked ice cream much until I tried this place (closed on Sundays however)

Cheshire/New Haven CT area: transplant needs recommendations!

Only a little further away, but worth it - Bistro Basque in Milford- delicious tapas
(and some entrees if so inclined)- executed perfectly (the cauliflower puree in serrano ham- and the garlic shrimp (in a kind of spicy sherry sauce/gravy -oh my gosh! All served enough for two w/fresh salad leaves on almost each serving. Fresh bread everytime the dish changes if you want it. Reasonable price (including approx 6-9 dishes, dessert, coffee, 2 glasses of wine approx $80. I am looking forward to going back (before I forget, the decor and ambiance is a cross between a hip, boutiquey NYC kind of restaurant and more intimate kind of restaurant. Chef/proprietor came out both times I have been to check if we enjoyed the meal, the wait staff were friendly and polite and we received a free liqueur/apperatif on both visits. My newest fave place - apparently there is a small terrace out the back, but didnt eat there personally (Milford is also a very pretty little town in the center, quite scenic with ponds/greenery and bridges- and a real "village feel, and last weekend home to what seemed like a gazillion swans, ducks and geese (does anyone remember Rainbow Garden on the green, years ago- it used to be excellent??


The Chowder Pot for us, is the seafood equivalent to a an Outback, very standard, middle of the road, inexpensive food. I think Lenny's has the best fries out there (and a pretty good lobster club sandwich at the moment!).

Went to Yellowfins once, it was incredibly noisy, and the very young staff treated us like we were really bothering them by walking in (bunch of kids who couldn't care less and just stood chatting together at the back of the restaurant), It seemed so much effort, we decided to relieve them of their efforts and simply left.
Enjoy your outings OP and welcome to the area.

Best (or just new) Gourmet Stores in the greater New Haven area

Some great ideas, thanks- I'll definitely head to Fromage (not too far, I've been to a farmer's market in Mystic and I live in New Haven! My wallet is already very familiar with Whitneyville (must give a shout out to my new discovery there- her truffles! They are huge but excellent, apparently made by someone in Woodbridge) really fresh and I am not a fan of chocolate I find here here to be honest (but hopefully not insulting to the American palate).

LOVE the map, Scargod, thank you.

I work a couple of blocks from Caseus, and they have a good but limited selection.

Another one I should point out is Chefs in Wallingford, perhaps not too gourmet but they do have a good range of items- including pasta flour etc. I am currently making puff pastry from scratch with different butters, so I am happy to find good butter when I find it.

Thanks all, lots of new suggestions for me

Best (or just new) Gourmet Stores in the greater New Haven area

I'd love to know where are your favorite stores are - or a little further out, to pick up your imported or gourmet goods? I am keen to know of new places. To kick us off, I recently discovered a super little store that specializes in cheeses but also carries swiss chocolate biscuits, Duck fat, french butter, fondant to cook /bake with, sauces, pickles and tons of other condiments as well as hand baked pies and cakes, pastas, sauces etc and really decent prices

I also visited Villa Gourmet in Milford recently -more cheese, fresh fish, and everything Italian as well as some home goods. - fairly pricey though.

I also find Bishops Orchard in Branford sells a wide range of goods (french mayonnaise, yum) and Fortes around the corner is also good.

Anywhere that sells french stuff is a bonus for moi , but generally looking for places I dont know about :)

Breakfast Places in New Haven Area

Forgot to add, for a traditional Irish breakfast - Anna Liffey's in New Haven cannot be beat- Irish sausages, bacon, saute mushrooms, grilled tomato, fries, eggs and even black pudding for those who can handle it!

Breakfast Places in New Haven Area

A surprising one, La Cuisine- the Branford caterers have a clean and pleasant cafe onsite (a little past the Chowder Pot on the left hand side, looks a little industrial from the outside). Fresh squeezed orange juice, Willoughby's coffee, farm fresh eggs, a really decent quality bacon, saute potatoes as home fries, three kinds of bread for toast, served with sweet cream butter and various pancakes, waffles (my husband thought the pumpkin ones last fall were divine) and a selection of omelettes etc.

On your way out, you can pick up in-house baked croissants, breads, danish for breakfast the next day, or goodies for supper!

Desserts in Connecticut restaurants: SAVE ROOM or PASS?

Union League Cafe in New Haven without a doubt. Wish I had more, so this is a great post.