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Braised Brisket with Beans and Ancho Chile

Wonderful! I used a 4 and a half pound brisket. I doubled the amount of onions, wine, carrots and garlic. I also threw in two dried chipotles to steep with everything and I used Great Northern White Beans.

I did not soak or prcook the beans before adding. After sometime I pulled the meat out and finished cooking the beans on the stove top. I think all toll, it took about 4 hours to cook (soak or precook your beans).

I sliced it thin and thick. I prefered the thicker slices. The sauce was thick and plentiful and when served up, the dish had more of a chili or thick stew consistency. When the meat was gone there was still a nice lunch meal of left over chili-type-sauce.

I served a good bread with this but I think corn tortillas are better. It is great the next day--make some tacos. The crema and cilantro made it all come together nicely. There wasn't any heat, but there was the toasted earthy layerings of the chilis, cumin, etal.

Sep 24, 2009
elcarpintero in Recipes

El Pelon coming to Brookline

Not for nothing, but a burrito should not be a benchmark for the quality of Mexican food. It is more of a Tex-Mex thing.

Dorado opens tomorrow! (7/29)

I was hoping this joint was going to be a taqueria. Hmmm? In Boston? How silly of me. Let me just preface this by saying that I grew up in LA, I've taken cooking classes in Mexico, I was married to a Mexican (and her family, too) and I'm a carpenter who has eaten off of taco trucks for 25 years. I don't claim to be an authority but I've been around.

This past Saturday I tried a pork milanesa cemita. The pork was thin and crispy. It was quite good by itself but in the under-cheesed sandwich it got lost. I wouldn't mind paying the 6 bucks if it were a bit heartier. I would like to try the steak and chicken ones.

I had the steak taco. The steak by itself tasted good and was a good sized portion. The two tortillas they were served in were, well, limp, limp in every imaginable sense of the word. Its as if they were microwaved or steamed. A good taco with two tortillas can be made into two tacos, at Dorados' you need one tortilla to hold the other one together. I ordered another one and asked if they could grill the tortilla. "Sure no problem." Same thing, they probably had no idea what I was talking about.

I tried the chorizo. This had some orange grease--usually a good sign--but it seemed under-spiced, and was finely ground and looked and tasted more like some hamburger type concoction.

A good taco isn't difficult to make. A tortilla needs to be cooked on a grill or comal until it puffs up, There is no other way, period. Add meat, some raw onions, cilantro, salsa, and maybe a little crema and cheese and you have a pretty damn good taco. Just my dos centavos.