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Grocery Outlet May 2010

Glad to hear the Renwood is good, I haven't opened my bottle yet (Old Vine). I picked up the $4.99 Cote de Brouilly La Montagne Bleue 2003 (Mommessin), and I was excited to try it, but the cork practically turned to sawdust and I couldn't open the bottle! I'm on my way to get a refund/exchange in a few minutes, actually.-- not sure if I should risk getting another unopenable bottle....

Seeking Haribo Primavera (Strawberry Gummy Candies) in Local Stores

My sister recently returned from a trip to Germany where she had Haribo Primavera candy. She said it's her new favorite, so I'd like to surprise her with a few bags. I found them on Amazon but it just doesn't feel right to pay 3x the price of a product for shipping. Has anybody seen these in any bay area stores? I'm located in Berkeley, but mobile.

Grocery Outlet-February 2010

I tried the Waffle Fries in "Bold & Spicy BBQ" flavor and found them to be near-tasteless. They do have a very good crunch and look nice. :) Perhaps you tried the "Hot" variety or just got a better batch than I.

Grocery Outlet-February 2010

This was my first weekday visit that I can recall...the shelves were noticeably more organized (specifically the refrigerated section) and the atmosphere was more pleasant.

-Wines: Saw the Le Corbinie 08 Chianti and 08 Toscana Rosso that somebody liked a few months ago for about $4.99.
-In Bossa Nova single-serving drinks they only had Raspberry Acai flavor. $0.99
-There are still many Spectrum Brand Flax-y products including a bunch of salad dressings like Chipotle Pomegranate and Vegan Caesar.
-Finally some more Vital Vittles breads! They are rarely there on the weekends. 9-grain, 12-grain, "Regular Bread" or some name like that, and one of the honey/cinnamon/nut ones. $2.19
-Still a bunch of fancy/flashy teas scattered above the frozen section.
-As far as ice cream, I saw the Haagen Daaz Five Brown Sugar and a Frozen Yogurt Honey & ?.
-The Berkeley store also has the previously mentioned Macadamia nuts which come out to roughly $6/lb.

-Reese Maraschino Syrup. Real sugar, natural flavorings, but artificial color. 8oz. $0.99
-Mrs. Paul's Deviled Crab Cakes! They don't have the purest ingredient list but the first ingredient is real crabmeat (I can't stand imitation) and 20g of protein per cake, which makes me feel like there is a good ratio of crabmeat:other crap. 5 cakes. 14.5oz. $0.99. (I think there may be a mispricing error because the smaller 3-cake package is $1.69. Also note, the "best by" date is Jan 15, but it's in a "Flavor-seal" package and I just really wanted some damn crabcakes.)
-A flat of 20 Sun Valley Organic, Cage-Free eggs. $2.99
-Spectrum Organic Marinade and Grill Sauces: Malay Asam (soy sauce, tamarind, pineapple) and another flavor (lime, orange?, and cumin). 12.5oz. $1.49.
-College Inn Culinary Broth: White wine and Herb: "Chicken broth flavored with chablis wine, thyme, oregano, and rosemary". 32 oz. $0.99 (located opposite the pet food area).
-Green Garden Naturals Creamy Roasted Garlic Caesar Dressing. This looks yummy with good ingredients, but I can't open it yet because I have an addiction to buying new salad dressings and I end up with 3-5 open at one time (I only cook for myself). 12 oz. $1.49. (Refrig. section)

Grocery Outlet - December 2009

Cool, I get the honor of starting the December GO thread. Unfortunately, my trip today was rushed because I had a friend with me who had to get to work.


Two new DeCecco pastas are in:
~2.2/2.4lb of really long 4 feet long (with one 90 degree bend) - $1.99
-1lb Penne Rigate Kamut Wheat No. 41 Organic. Anyone know what to expect texture and taste-wise? - $0.99

They have more of the le Corbinie Toscana Rosso 2007 that was mentioned in November. By Vecchia Cantina in Montepulciano - $4.99

Kashi Sicilian Veggie Pizza. Not quite a steal, but I think it's about 50% off regular prices for a really healthy pizza. The whole pizza is only 660 calories so I consider it to be a single serving :) - $2.99

Naked Pomegranate Blueberry Juice (32oz) - $1.99

Saw Stonybrook Yogurt for you people that are into that.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!
-Pints of Steven Colbert's flavor: Americone Dream - $1.49
-Quarts of Cherry Garcia (my favorite) - $1.99

I also saw a 12-pack (bottles) of Kona Longboard Island Lager for $7.99. It was at the aisle endcap near the registers. I'm not a beer guy so I don't know if that's a good price, but here are some review links: (This link says $7 for a 6-pack

Grocery Outlet, November 2009

Berkeley has the Decadenza 2007 Muscat Alexandria (Temecula, CA). I agree that it's easy to drink and quite pleasant, but I think the sweetness is bordering on cloying after the first glass (what? you don't drink a bottle per night?).

Also, I saw a 20oz can of peeled lychees in light syrup for $0.99 (canned fruits section) that might be tasty muddled with this wine if anyone is up for experimenting.

Did not see the other wine you mentioned.

Grocery Outlet, November 2009

Berkeley Store on Saturday:

Oregon Chai Peppermint Chai Tea Latte Concentrate: 32oz, mix 50/50 with milk - $1.99

Vitasoy Organic Holly Nog (sweetened with sugar cane juice) - one side is in French, I believe it was on a shelf above frozen food - $0.99

MOAB Juices: They had a pomegranate flavor and a gobi flavor of superfruit blends. Partial ingredient list: Pomegranate, red grape, cherry, purple plum, pineapple, organic apple, aronia, ...and on. Tastes primarily like pomegranate and "red". 32 oz, 100% juice, -2.49

I also saw more jars of Gertie's Artichoke Tapenade and several more cases of the Barefoot Bubbly Chardonnay Champagne. Sadly, I didn't see any Haagen Daz.

Grocery Outlet, November 2009

And just as a PSA...They are running a 20% off all wine promo Nov 11-15 (Wednesday to Sunday)

Restaurant .Com Worth Checking Out

Cafe Casa
Mehak Indian Cuisine
Bistro 1491
Dorsey's Locker

August 2009 Grocery Outlet

Berkeley Store:

$2.99 - 1lb President Brie
$2.99 - 1lb Busseto Proscuitto. Not exactly di Parma, but I think it's perfectly adequate.
$0.99 - Naked Chocolate Banana Whey + Soy (~30g) Protein Shake
$1.99 - Good Earth Organic 7-Spice Chai (18 bags)
$1.50 - Old Germany Herring Fillets (6oz) - They look really good and I saw 4 different types: Paprika sauce, tomato, mushroom, and spicy mustard.
$2.99 - Bear Naked Native Mango Agave Almond Granola (24oz)
A couple of types of the fancy De Cecco left, around $1, including Calamarata (1.1lb).
Snofrisk Norwegian goat/cow's milk spread was there (it's in a triangular contained), didn't see a price
Didn't see any good butter or yogurt there.
There were a ton of Vital Vittles breads there on Monday.