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Italian restaurant ok for old crowd

My parents tried the truffle and asparagus risotto which was flambeed in a parmesan cheese wheel.
I had the osso buco.
I can't remember what anyone else had unfortunately, but I remember tasting a bit of everything they had and it was all good.
We all shared a few salumi platters too.

I never visited the place before the name change, so I can't compare if the food was better or not. You can check the site out here:

Italian restaurant ok for old crowd

we went to romagna mia and they gave us the large wooden plank table in the back of the restaurant. my parents thoroughly enjoyed that. great atmosphere and not noisy at all!

Italian restaurant ok for old crowd

thanks for the comments and rec's so far everyone! zucca is great, but wanted to take them somewhere they haven't been before...gonna check out a few of the places mentioned!

Italian restaurant ok for old crowd

Hi everyone,

I wanted to take my family (a bunch of mid-30s siblings and their SOs and mid-60s parents) out for great italian food for my birthday. The more variety, the better, considering our different palates.

My choices so far are Buca, Scarpetta, and Fabbrica. Terroni is too casual.
Does Scarpetta have too much of a clubby lounge feel? I wanted my parents to feel comfortable.


604 King St. West, Toronto, ON M5V 1M6, CA

ISO filipino food in downtown Toronto?

Title says it all...We get the occasional festival downtown and friends invite me over to their house for potlucks, but restaurant-wise, the only places I know of are in Markham or Scarborough. I'm wondering if there are any places even a teensy bit closer to the downtown core I could try...that would be amazing!

Good Brazilian restaurants?

i too just read that brazilian star closed down...

anyone have any good recs for brazilian?

Best Espresso in the city...

I enjoyed their lattes at pennylicks. Definitely not weak and the caffeine lasted a while

Kensington Market-Lunch

For great vegetarian and vegan soups and salads, definitely try Hibiscus. They also have good crepes. 238 Augusta Avenue

Afterwards, stop by Pennylicks for coffee

Best patios this summer

wow. their beer selection is fantastic!

Best patios this summer

thanks TorontoJo! I'll check it out...I'm actually having two celebrations: one is a family dinner and the other a fun time with friends

Best patios this summer

Hi Everyone ---
I'm celebrating my birthday soon and I'm looking for a restaurant with a great patio in the city...anywhere downtown up to yorkville...and preferably a place with a great beer selection...



my bday is coming zucca really expensive? i'm looking for around 30 dollars per person, if someone doesn't choose prix-fixe

Sam James at Harbord & Clinton

according to his twitter, one week til opening (posted august 1st)
am very much looking forward to this!

Petite Thuet - King & Yonge

Had the Turkey & Brie Sandwich and a Macchiato.
The baguette tastes amazing, a bit too much of their mayonnaise/bernaise sauce (?)...well whatever that was, that with the brie made the sandwich too rich...real slices of turkey, not deli meat.
The macchiato wasn't that great...actually, it was pretty bad...
Haven't tried their coffee, but i'm tempted to try their croissant, so i might as well go for the deal.