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Englewood, CO - please save me from PF Chang's!

Not much in walking distance, but some good options via a quick and cheap cab ride..
Brewery Bar III - New Mexican and Mexican Cuisine ( local chain)
Hacineda Colorado recommendation is a good one - they call it "Mountain Mex"
J Alexanders is a "small chain", but this location is really really good - great entree salads and steaks
California Cafe - in the mall (Park Meadows) - not to be confused with California Pizza Kitchen! Eclectic cuisine
Thai Basil - solid Thai restaurant, gorgeous decor.
If you have some time on your hands in the evening, jump on the light rail and head downtown - lots of great dining there, including Rioja, Bistro Vendome, Jax Seafood and many others!

Aug 10, 2008
FoodMidget in Southwest

Where to buy fresh crawfish?

Will be in NOLA for one day for a business trip next week. Where is a good place to buy fresh crawfish? Need a place that will package it up to check as luggage. Last month I was in Baton Rouge and Tony's Seafood did a fine job with this request, and that night, all my Denver neighbors enjoyed 50 lbs of yummy mud-bugs! I will have a car and don't mind driving around a bit (just not all the way to Baton Rouge!).

Jul 06, 2007
FoodMidget in New Orleans