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Edmonton: Dinner and brunch downtown?

I will be in Edmonton this long weekend, and just wondering of any good local restaurants downtown (maybe near the Westin where we're staying) for Saturday evening. Nothing fancy, but maybe something cool/casual or even eclectic? Any good "hole-in-the-wall" type places nearby as well?
And also any places downtown that is good for Sunday brunch? (Non-hotel restaurants?)


Sep 03, 2009
notjen in Prairie Provinces

Gluten Free in Calgary & Western Canada

Well, if you ever make it to Winnipeg, Manitoba, "Eat! Bistro" can do gluten free (call ahead). And I think the Moxie's chain can too.
I think many of our local run restaurants can and are willing to do gluten-free on request. I believe many places, including chains, can on request these days.

Aug 03, 2009
notjen in Prairie Provinces

Winnipeg -- Downtown Dinner and Breakfast Recommendations

I hear Blaze in your hotel is good.

A block away from you is East India Company Restaurant (on York), fantastic food, supposed to be the best indian food in Wpg, do the buffet. They have authentic decor. Ivory (on Main) is another good Indian restaurant.
Eat! Bistro (on Garry) is a quirky place inside a used bookstore, not sure if your style, but great food! Smaller portions, I always order 3 plates between 2 ppl.

Haven't been to the following, but heard they're good. 2-block radius from you:
Ichiban Japanese Steak House
Paragon Restaurant
One Night in Bangkok
Affinity Vegetarian Garden (I think it's vietnamese)

10-15 min walk, or slightly further:
Anything in the Exchange District as mentioned.
Edohei (sushi on Ellice)
Amici (Italian on Broadway) (Bombolini in the basement is their more affordable option for some reason)
12 resto bar (in the Radisson)
The Velvet Glove in the Fairmont is supposed to be good. I really enjoy their Lounge.
Hu's on First (at the ballpark)
The Current at the Forks

Chain reliables:
Moxie's at MTS Centre
Earl's (Main st)
The Keg (Garry)

My personal fave is In Ferno's Bistro, 5-10 min drive from downtown. It's summer here, patio dining is a must, go to the Corydon area, or Osborne, short cab ride to both.

Not much choice around downtown, except within hotels & chain coffeeshops. There is Salisbury House on Portage nearby, that's our local breakfast or burger chain. Also one on the Provencher bridge.
Finale's coffeehouse (south of Norwood Bridge), I think they have breakfast. I frequent there for coffee/lunch.
Pancake House at the Forks.
Cora's Breakfast (on Provencher)
Good local coffeeshop is The Fyxx (on Portage & in Exchange), and no shortage of Starbuckses.

There area actually a handful of places downtown and a ton of choice & different tastes in Winnipeg, I love dining in our city. Take a cab to go further. There is also the Downtown Spirit free transit to the Forks.
I suggest you pick up a copy of Ciao or Where magazine at the hotel, lists all restaurants. Some really good places are tucked away in obsure locations. I work downtown so most of the ones downtown I've been to are for lunch, and dinner I choose to look for places I haven't tried around the city.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

Aug 03, 2009
notjen in Prairie Provinces