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The return of Carm's Coneys

I liked Thai Tasty Corner whenever i tried it but always very quiet. At least Carms will have a chance at parking this time.

Jul 16, 2009
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Monte Cristo search of (in OC or close)

Dick Church's at the corner of Newport Blvd and Mesa Drive in Costa Mesa has one.
It is a friends treat to themselves if they are going to the airport. just ask for the jam !!
(Although i dont think they deep fry them )

Jun 02, 2009
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Where are the best donuts in Irvine?

Probably "oh those donuts " on Newport/Almost 17th , Costa Mesa, but really tough to get off the freeway too then back on. They haave a bearclaw that i am scared to try; Too much sugary goodness. Open 24 hours. The Harp bar is far too close for those late night runs there.

Apr 15, 2009
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Burns Night Supper -- preferrably in OC but beggars cannot be choosers

The Whale and Ale would have been my suggestion as they only mention having a piper and none of the other nonsense. Since it is not at a set time just a special menu you seem to be getting the food without the poetry. Which most of us think is a good thing :-). The British and Dominion Club in Garden Grove does not seem to be doing anything either.

Jan 20, 2009
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Eating the food of a different country every day and I need your help

Scottish as an individual place would be tough but what about; The Olde Ship in Santa Ana or Fullerton.
I have only been to the Santa Ana location and that was few years ago.

A pint of Belhaven ( although it appears to have gone from the beer list as a draft ) , with the bridie and to make a sure food overload the sticky toffee pudding or rhubard crumble and custard to finish.

If you could get them to make cock-a-leekie soup as the soup of the day then you would have been well fed.

You would think that someone would be having a special on a St Andrews day meal Nov. 30th .

I think the important think is to remember "Nae Salads"

The bridie is remarkably like those available in Scotland down to the slightly soggy dough. I remember it being a lot of food but at least something.

Tam O'Shanter may be able to piece together a Scots meal. If you could only make it to January and Burns night you would get Haggis, neaps and tatties.

I am thinking Welsh may be the same problem.

Nov 18, 2008
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

No more Hebrew National Kosher Hot Dogs at Costco Food Court [moved from Los Angeles board]

Kirkland is Costcos in-house brand ( all the cheap meds you see on ebay are costco kirkland bulk packages repackaged). Just like Trader Joes does to lower costs. Why pay someone else.

Nov 03, 2008
stuartmm in Chains

Any news re Blanca, Newport Beach?

.. and that was also so the same issue of the Daily Pilot that REVIEWED the restaurant. So who really knows the time frame etc.

Aug 12, 2008
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Moroccan Restaurant in OC

No, they said they were not talking about the Marrakesh ON Newport ( or "in Costa Mesa" if i have to be that exact ) but as i tried to say, maybe not clearly enough, it used to be at the exact description where they though the other Moroccan rest. was.
ie It was the previous Marrakesh rest.

Jun 10, 2008
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Moroccan Restaurant in OC

Matrrakesh used to be on PCH one mile on Mariners Mile a bit before Dover.
It moved to Newport blvd.

Jun 09, 2008
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Good Food with a view in OC?

I have heard nothing but good things about the new Javiers except make a reservation.

Apr 14, 2008
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Chinese in OC

How about Golden Dragon on Harbor. Just down from Marvac electronics store.
I had food to go from there last Friday. Orange Chicken, Broccoli Beef, eggrolls and a thing called Chinese Kentucky Delight. Fried chicken with a garlic / chili sauce. Very good.

Golden Dragon Restaurant
2023 Harbor Blvd Ste A, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Apr 10, 2008
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

The Perfect Bacon-Egg-and-Cheese...Almost

Have you tried the egg and bacon, ham or sausage at the TK Burgers on 19 th Street in Costa Mesa.
Only this TK's has the grill and menu. Hold the lettuce and at $3.69 it is a deal.

Apr 10, 2008
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

OC and LA cheap eats - MUSTS?

$1 tacos are Thursday At Newport Landing. $1 tacos at Great Mex next to Theater on Tuesdays. ( food there in general is very good at any time ) Also what about TK burgers near to Newport Pier.
A hot Ham And Cheese Croissant from Seaside Donuts is also a tasty treat.
Harborside has great deals ( Wednesday buy 2 drinks get dinner for a dime etc ) Also a great happy hour deal on the bar menu. Just avoid the Shorehouse.
And yes Laventinas everyone who lives here has that phone number in memory.

Apr 06, 2008
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

OC Dive Bars with BTA chow?

BTA == Better Than Average

Cassidys NB has great burgers especially with the pepper plant sauce . ( Caveat a friend had one a few weeks ago and thought the bun tasted "wrong" , but this is the only complaint i have ever heard and even they are going back just writing it off as a one time thing )
How dive-y do you want ? Name what you think is a dive bar to give some idea maybe.

Mar 19, 2008
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Mesa Grill & Barbecue; Costa Mesa 17th Street

Friend pointed out a new bbq place on 17th in Costa Mesa.
Where the Baja Fresh used to be next to Long Drugs ( Opposite Santa Monica Seafood ) there is now Mesa Grill & Barbecue.
I got the Family platter for 2 and a grilled veggie sandwich to go.
The platter had ; half chicken ( nice rub ); 2 nice pieces of tri-tip;coconut shrimp; pulled pork; 4 baby back ribs. Also included were 2 salads and a choice of 2 sides ( i had mac and cheese and the coleslaw ).
(looking at the menu i should have got "home fries" with it as well but that was missing. No big deal it was still enough food )
The grilled veggie sandwich came with a good amount of home made potato chips.
All the food was good and for $20 for the platter was good value for amount of food.
The sandwich was $6.75 .

I wish i had more contact details but the three menus i took away were "borrowed" by friends later on who wanted to see what was on offer.

One other thing i liked that sometimes gets missed. They had a nice sauce bar set up with jugs of bbq sauces ; italian dressing ;another jug of sauce and other condiments. So no stingy to go containers or charging extra for more sauce.
( and a bowl of toreados to help yourself too )

So 17th street now was 2 barbecue places.

Feb 23, 2008
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Looking for a post-wedding bash location in Newport Beach

Well if you want something interesting and depending on the day of the week., you can actually reserve parts of Peninsula park at the base of the Balboa pier and could have something catered there. No alcohol and some other rules but a unique location. There are some tables and a few bbqs but catered would be best.
You could also try the Balboa Inn as its outside terrace is open,.

Feb 21, 2008
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

The Arches in Newport - Where did it go?

The Arches is now 2 restaurants.
The Arches Grill and Barbecue in the old Aubergine location on 29 th street and
Arches on the water in Cannery Village where Le Quai used to be.

If he wants to open a third he could look at the Kantina spot which appears to be closed.

Feb 05, 2008
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Need OC Champagne Brunch for Sunday

The Harborside in the Pavilion in Newport Beach has a Champagne Buffet from 10-2 on Sundays $22.95 /person

Newport Landing just along the boardwalk also has a Sunday Buffet lunch . 10-2 $25.95 . I think they have champagne accompanying.

Harborside Restaurant & Grand
400 Main St, Newport Beach, CA 92661

Newport Landing Restaurant
503 E Edgewater Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92661

Nov 08, 2007
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

costa mesa

The Arnies on Bristol ( it is now Ontorio ) closed years ago but i thought the Dove st one was still open.
Newport Beach has limited places with ocean views but most of the bars let you take in food and have menus on hand. Order food from the crab cooker and go sit in the Stag ( or District as it will soon be ) . Beach Ball also has an elevated view of the ocean. Even Sharkees may be a fun atmosphere. You could also go to the Harborside at the Pavilion down by Balboa pier or even Newport Landing in the Oyster bar upstairs. They have harbor views rather than ocean views.

How abput places on 19th st for mexican breakfasts. Taco Mesa, El Campeon, Cucina de Isabel, El Granjenal.

Apr 18, 2007
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Friday office lunch celebrating St Pattys day in OC

Muldoons will be full of the surrounding office workers as usual. Shamrock a dive , ha ha Cassidys, although they do have a great burger, on the peninsula, now thats a dive but not the Shamrock. Anyway Shamrock will be pretty busy by lunchtime Friday as well but i would chose there if you want a proper bar atmosphere, i like the food as well. ( If they have the banger melt special get that ) . Plenty of other beers for those of us who do not like Guinness. Malarkeys runs a shift system on St Patricks day proper and may be doing that Friday as well ( ie you get thrown out every 4 hours or so ) . Durty Nellies over on Redhill may be a reasonable and reachable choice.

Mar 15, 2007
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Where can I find Haggis?

Why wait till January. Nov 30 is St Andrews day . Leave St Patricks day to the amateurs. Whisky, haggis, neeps and tatties on Nov 30th. Cullen skink to start and some dumpling to finish.

Oct 10, 2006
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Schooners of beer south of the 14?

Mutt Lynchs in Newport Beach.
Just along from the Newport Pier has them and icy. Also a full menu. has some pictures of them chilling the schooners and people drinking. mmm .. i think i might know where i am going tonight.

Sep 09, 2006
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Balboa Pavilion Breakfast & Dinner Options

Breakfast options are limited right around the Flyer. Usually coffee / pastry like things or you could try the Shorehouse on Main Street.
Really depends what you want to have before the trip.
Coming back you could go to the Harborside rest. in the Pavilion or just sit in the bar and take advantage of the happy hour for half price saloon menu. Also Newport Landing upstairs in the oyster bar overlooking the harbor.( walk towards the ferry from the flyer and you will see it ) Flyer usually gets back about 5.45.

Aug 02, 2006
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area

Taco Rosa in Irvine

19th . Across from DMV.

Jul 18, 2006
stuartmm in Los Angeles Area