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Baby-friendly dining over MLK weekend?

For anyone following this thread post-MLK weekend:

We've gone for brunch at Norma's at Le Parker Meridien several times with our kid, and we'd definitely go back. If you're willing to venture to Brooklyn, you might also consider Peter Luger. We've taken our now-2.5-year-old there several times (most recently this past weekend), and our kid loves the creamed spinach, bread, and steak. I don't remember what the baby changing situation in the bathrooms of Norma's, but Peter Luger bathrooms aren't well-equipped for diaper changing. We put on a fresh diaper as close to the mealtime as we can (sometimes even in the car, just before going into the restaurant). And a strategy we've used whenever the kid gets fussy (no matter which restaurant or city we're in) is to take a brief walk outside for a change of scenery. Sometimes that's all it takes. A small bead maze works too.

Mar 05, 2013
j.w.w. in Manhattan

Used, Seen, or Read About Any Very Unusual Spices?

Not sure if this could be considered a "spice" if it comes from ground-up Thai water bug: Mangdana.

Your thoughts please!

Apr 29, 2011
j.w.w. in General Topics

Latkes for a Crowd

Rendered duck fat (for slightly more flavor)

Oil soak-up:
One layer of latkes, not stacked, on clean, plain brown paper bag, lined flat on cookie sheet in 400-degree oven

Dec 03, 2010
j.w.w. in Home Cooking

Honeys from around the world--share your favorites!

I agree with Repartee: thyme honey is very good.

Another favorite:
Black locust blossom honey from Long Island.

Oct 23, 2009
j.w.w. in General Topics