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Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong. What are the essentials?

Thanks so much for the reply! Would you happen to know of any cheaper restaurants in Shanghai serving authentic Shanghai cuisine? Something super tradional, but still tourist-friendly? I've heard great things about the Sichuan representative office restaurant in Beijing, what do you recomend there? I'm really interested in trying Xinjiang food, is Afunti's show worth the mediocre food? Also, at Dadong, besides roast duck, what do you reccomend?

Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong. What are the essentials?

Hey guys, I'm going to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong in mid August and I really wanted to know what the essential, must try restaurants are. This is my first time in China and I want to leave feeling like I have an understanding of the range and variety of food that China has to offer. I have a few ideas for where i might like to go but really, i feel quite clueless, there's just so much. For Beijing, I was thinking Dadong for Peking Duck and I've been hearing great things about Three Guizhou Men. Has anyone tried Fu Jia Lou or Noodle Loft? I might want to try those out too. For Shanghai, I was thinking Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant for it's xiaolongbao but other than that, i really want to try some traditional Shanghai cuisine, any recommendations? In Hong Kong, i really want the tradional dim sum experience so I was thinking City Hall Maxim's Palace. For an introduction to Cantonese i was thinking Yung Kee. Any recommendations for stalls in the Temple Street Night Market?
Thanks, Danny.